Nephi Crosses the Sea FHE

I have been having so much fun with Dr. Seuss week at our house that I almost forgot to post our Family Home Evening this week!  Actually...I don't think I posted last week either...slacker! ;)

For last week we just did a review of a lesson we did last year, all about when Nephi built a ship.  You can check out that home evening HERE, complete with a printable matching game for the kiddos!

This week we talked about Nephi and his families journey across the sea.  We read from Book of Mormon Stories and then talked a lot about how when Laman and Lemuel started making bad choices, they lost the guidance of the Liahona, and everyone was almost lost at sea.  Then we talked about how Nephi always stayed true, even when it looked like all hope was gone, he never complained or gave up on Heavenly Father.  What an example to us!!

We talked about how once Laman and Lemuel repented and Nephi prayed to the Lord, the Liahona began to work again, the wind calmed, and they were able to travel to the Promised Land in safety.

For a (somewhat) simple activity I thought it would be fun to make paper boats for all the kids.

I say somewhat because, took me FOREVER to make these three sad paper boats!!  No matter how many times I watched the youtube video on making them I just could not get it right!  I was starting to feel seriously challenged when I found a great tutorial HERE that finally produced something that at least resembled a boat and would only requirements ;)

Once we had our boats I filled up the tub, and one at a time let each child put their boat in.  At first, I turned on the water at the opposite end, making the water very choppy and the boat go in every direction.  We talked about how this represented the boat without the guidance of the Liahona...and US without the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

After that I turned the water off and gave each child a straw.  They were able to use the straw to blow the ship in the direction they wanted it to go.  We talked about how when we make good choices, we can have that kind of direct guidance in our very own lives...pretty cool! :)

I am SO enjoying delving into the Book of Mormon with my kids...and mostly trying to help them see how the scriptures relate to US today.  Thanks so much for stopping by and please share:
How do YOU get your children excited/motivated to read their scriptures??

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Truffula Tree Pens

Are you ready for an incredibly easy and quick activity that your kids will love?!  

I mentioned I am trying to take it easy around here, making sure my little baby boy can postpone his arrival for at least another month.  I am almost 32 weeks so we are getting there!  In the meantime I have to take it easy so ALL the treats, crafts and activities you see on my blog in the next few weeks will have one thing in common...SIMPLICITY!!  Which is really great, because aren't all our lives just a little crazy?  Who doesn't need to simplify a little bit ;)

Today we decided to make our very own Truffula Tree Pens!

The wonderful people over at sent me these great items that I KNEW would be perfect for our Truffula Tree pens.

We really loved the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit...not only did it have pipe cleaners and pom-poms...but who doesn't love googly eyes?! ;)  And can I tell you my favorite part...the packages are re-sealable :)

So making these pens was about as easy at it gets.  We just wrapped a pipe cleaner around the bottom of a plain white pen, and then snaked it up until it had wrapped around the entire the thing.

After we had the pipe cleaner on I simply hot-glued a big pom-pom on the top...and our Truffula Tree Pens were done!

The kids loved making these...and all I had to help with was the glueing part :)

Once our pens were ready to go, we got to work on the worksheets I printed out from one of our favorite websites,  They have everything from coloring pages, math worksheets, writing prompts and even some fun recipes.  You can search by book or is a great resource for all your Dr. Seuss fun!!  

Making Truffula Tree Pens was a great way to spend our morning...they would also make fun party favors or gifts for little friends :)  Thanks so much for stopping by today!!

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"The Lorax" Munchie Mix!

Hey everybody!  I am so excited to share this fun, simple treat you can whip up for the kids to munch on while reading The Lorax...or watching the movie! :)

I found a cute idea HERE on Pinterest and decided to add a few things to make our very own Lorax Munchie Mix!!

All you need to make your own yummy treat are chocolate Teddy Grahams, Mini-Marshmallows, Goldfish crackers, Cadbury mini eggs, and Pretzel Sticks.

Doesn't that look yummy?!

Each snack represents something from the movie...I laid it out for you ;)

The kids were ecstatic when I told them we had a fun snack to munch on while we watched our movie!  And really...isn't everything cuter in individual servings?  Especially in these CUTE chevron snack bags from Pick Your Plum :)

The kids gobbled this snack right up!  The cutest things was watching them eat it.  They would wait until they saw a Bar-ba-loot...then they would eat a Teddy Graham :)  As soon as they chopped down the first Truffula Tree...they ate a pretzel stick.  It made for a very fun and tasty movie ;) 

I was so happy to add a little extra fun to my kids day...they needed it!  They have been such troopers while I have been taking it easy to keep this baby baking :)  It was a good reminder that sometimes the simple things can mean just as much as my over-planned activities ;)

Thank you SO much for stopping by today!  Are any of you doing any Dr. Seuss activities this week?  If so...please share!!  Have a great day!

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Fun with Dr. Seuss {Recap}!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

This is one of our favorite themed weeks of the year...Dr. Seuss Week!

Before I share some of the fun, SIMPLE things we have planned for this year I thought I would do a quick re-cap of the activities we did last kids still talk about a lot of these!

We made these delicious Cat in the Hat pancakes last year...they were a big hit!

We loved making our own Truffula Trees in our Lorax Activity

We made pink clovers, tried to catch a speck, and had a yummy snack in our Horton Hears a Who Activity

Finally, we did a great FHE teaching our kids they are NEVER too small to do something big!

I hope you enjoyed some of these fun Dr. Seuss activities...and stay tuned for more!!

They will be simple, partial bed rest makes sure of that :)  But they will also be some great ways to enjoy your kiddos this week...and that's really what its all about! :)


Do drinks affect our teeth? A science experiment!

Hello everyone!  I was so excited to wrap up our week all about Dental Health with a fun science experiment perfect for your little ones!  For our experiment today we asked...

Does what we drink affect our teeth?

To find out all we did was get a few hard-boiled eggs, soda, milk and water!

The hard-boiled eggs represent our teeth...aren't they nice and white? ;)

Then I filled up 3 cups with milk, soda and water.

Before my daughter went to school this morning the kids each put their egg in one of the cups.  Then we made predictions about what we thought the eggs would look like.  Everyone was pretty sure the egg in the water would still be white, but they weren't sure about the soda or the milk.

After my kids got home from school this afternoon they could not WAIT to check the results of our experiment!

Up first was the milk.  The kids were so excited to see that the egg was still white...we drink a lot of milk at our house! ;)

Next we did the water, and everyone was happy to see they were right!  The egg came out sparkling white.

Finally we did the soda...and wouldn't you know we got a yucky brown egg!

Here is the soda egg compared to the water egg.... 

This was such a great visual for my kids to see how drinking soda and sugary drinks can affect our teeth!  No one wants teeth like that egg, right?!

After we finished our experiment we took it one step further and decided to see if we could get that soda egg white again!  The kids grabbed an old toothbrush and some toothpaste and went at it!

You can see in the picture below, we were able to get that egg white once again with some tender love and care :)  The kids were so excited, and it was great to explain that if you DO have some soda you just have to make sure you brush REALLY good after. 

Such a fun, simple experiment!

Hope you are ALL having a great week wherever you are...and make sure you keep coming back!  SO many fun things are coming up in the next few weeks.  Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Dr. Seuss' Birthday and so much more!