A Tropical Birthday Surprise!

So often I use my spare time and "talents" (if you could call it that!) to think up fun activities and surprises for my children. This week I was thrilled to take the time to put my wonderful husband first as I tried to think of some special way to celebrate his 30th birthday!!

We are currently staying with my mom in California for a few weeks while we try to figure out our housing situation. Paul conveniently had to come work out in LA for a few days so he worked it out to be here on his birthday. I wanted to do something special and memorable that wouldn't break the here is what I came up with!

The thing that kept going through my mind was how stressful my husbands life has been lately. I wished I could have planned a tropical getaway just for us, to lounge on the beach, sipping slushy drinks and not having a care in the world. Since this idea wasn't exactly practical, I came up with what I thought was the next best thing. Introducing.....

Paradise in a Bucket!! {I know, I am a huge dork!}

I was wandering around aimlessly at JoAnns when I found all of their themed Hawaiian stuff 75% off! This got the creative juices flowing!! Included in the basket are 2 margarita cups with the little umbrellas :), pina colada mixer, a pineapple, a cute fish bowl filled with macadamia nuts, 2 hawaiian themed votive candle holders, a few leis, and some....uhhhhh..."massage lotion". {I'm just keeping it real here, I was going for a romantic getaway type thing....and I'm totally blushing right now} In the rolled up paper was our reservations for one night at a hotel 30 minutes from my parents house in California.

Paul was SO surprised and excited, besides being in the hospital with a new baby it was the first time we have ever left all the kiddies overnight. And I gotta tell was great!! I love my husband so much, and am so very lucky to have him. I am so proud of his accomplishments and successes, but the kind of husband and father he is impresses me the most. I love you Paul!!


Father's Day Sneak Peak...

Got this fantastic idea from the gals over at Sister's Stuff! Paul is REALLY hard to shop for, but the awesome thing about fathers day is you can't go wrong with darling pics of the kiddos :) I but these in a side by side by side 3 picture frame, I know he is going to love it!! Stay tuned for a fun project I am doing for the 4th using this great idea!

And a huge HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the wonderful dads out there!! :)


Moving on...

Thats been a major theme at our "house" this week. I say "house", because this week that means my inlaws home in Eagle Mountain, for the week after that it means my mom's house in California, and hopefully soon after that it will mean our new home in Daybreak. As we wrapped up things at our last home we had to be out by June 7th, but unfortunately the home we are moving to isn't available until July 1st, hence all the house-hopping :)

Its been SO interesting to try and explain all the changes in our lives to the kids. The most interesting thing for me has been how I have learned the need to take my own advice :) Skylar has been the most sad about the move, she has a group of darling little friends that she and I love dearly, and it has been hard to think about leaving them. She asked me the other day why things have to be so hard. I tried to explain when we go through hard things we have the opportunity to become better, by choosing how we deal with those hard things. I told her we could be grumpy and sad, or happy and excited. I also told her how we deal with hard things shows who we REALLY are. Hmmmm, so after I tell her my little schpeel, I get to am I choosing to deal with this?? I think I've done ok, but I am excited to prove who I REALLY am, to choose to be happy and excited, and to embrace everything that comes my way! The last year for our family has been a difficult one, but one I would NEVER trade for the lessons we have learned, the changes we have made, and the bonds that have only been forged stronger!!

One thing that has been easy to be happy about it the abundance of time I have to focus on my kiddos all the time! Think about it: no chores, no callings, no jobs, nothing to get in the way of my time with them. They have desperately needed that time too, so in that sense it has been a wonderful week!

I am so sad I have gotten behind on my Cutting the Chaos series, but frankly, I haven't been able to cut any lately!! However, stay tuned, because this week I will be posting a fun idea for young kids and long road trips AND a recap of some of the most amazing dancing this season....So You Think You Can Dance?? I think not!! Skylar's last dance recital! ;) She was a star!!



Ok, I am so thrilled today to be participating in my first ever Blog Swap! And I'm not swapping with just anybody...every heard of Alish and Whitney from Sisters Stuff?! Of course you have! I have been so inspired by them and am thrilled to feature them on my little blog :)

We are Alish and Whitney from Sisters' Stuff! We are so excited to be posting on Tonii's blog today! She is such a fun and talented person! We are going to share something fun that you can do with your kids!

These fish snacks are way easy, fun and cute! They would be great for a summer treat, birthday party, or just to be a way cool mom!


Any flavor of sherbet
fruit loops
chocolate chips
muffin cups

First cut up your fruit. For each fish cup you need two pieces of cantaloupe cut in a triangle, then two pieces of kiwi. One piece will be 1/2 a circle and the other one is 1/4 of a circle

Scoop out some sherbet and place it in your muffin cup. Put on three fruit loops. Two for the eyes and one for the mouth. Break your toothpicks in half. If you leave them full size your fruit sticks out a bit. I like the closer look so I broke mine in half. Stick a tooth pick in each piece of the fruit. Gently stick your fruit in the sherbet. You can add chocolate chips to the eyes if you want. They are kind of hard to stay put, so I would maybe try sticking a toothpick in them as well.

Thanks for joining us! Remember to come visit us at Sisters' Stuff for more fun ideas!

Thanks so much Sisters!! When you have a few spare hours check out their blog for TONS of fantastic ideas!! :)


Cutting the Chaos Week....Oh, who am I kidding?!

Its been so many weeks since I posted anything about cutting the chaos, I probably don't need to be keeping track any more :) But I have been doing a few things over the last few weeks that have helped me manage ALL of the chaos abounding around me. These are not new ideas, original, or very creative, but I think they are the most important out of all the things I have posted so far. I have felt like lately the only thing I have been able to do is keep my head above water, and these simple things that I have been doing every day have been helping me do just that!
First up: Daily Excercise! I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been for me to be able to wake up early every day and make sure I am taking care of myself first thing in the morning. Aside from the weight loss benefits (which, lets be honest, are awesome!!) I FEEL happier! I have more energy and even though I get less sleep I am less tired than usual. Years ago I attended a yoga class, and the instructor said something to me that has stuck with me ever since. As we were doing the cooldown she said "Thank you for loving the people in your life enough to take care of yourself first, so you have more to give to them." I think many times as women we spend so much time doing so much for everyone else, the one person that gets neglected is us. I have found that statement to be so true- when I am taking care of myself the way I need to be I have so much more to give to everyone around me.
The second thing and by FAR the most important is simply this: Daily scripture study and personal prayer. I know, I know, this is nothing new! But here's the thing-sometimes life can feel like its caving in on you. Things are unsure, unsteady and unlike how you thought they would be. But its been my experience that when I dedicate my time to doing the things the Lord would have me do, I am blessed with an almost overwhelming ability to accomplish the things that need to be done in my life. Not only that, but I am uplifted and edified every step of the way. At a time in my life where nothing has felt very secure, I have been reminded of the stable things in my life that will NEVER change-my love for my family, my relationship with my Savior, and the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father is truly kind, and I am grateful he has provided a daily way to cut the chaos in my life, simply by turning to him and reading his words.
I hope you all keep on keeping on...I know I will! Cutting the chaos in whatever way I can, and trying to find that joy in the journey! Have a great week everyone!!

So very neglected...

Like so many things in my life over the last few weeks, this blog has been so very neglected. Packing a home could literally be a full-time job, especially with a very busy one year old that is just as determined to unpack everything as I am to pack it! :)

The exciting news is we are moving this Saturday so we will soon be back to normal. Well, that is if you consider bouncing from house to house until our new house is available July 1st normal :) We are spending a week at my in-laws, and then 2 weeks at my mom's house in California, then coming home and going to a family reunion in Bear Lake, and THEN getting settled into our darling new little home. June is going to be a crazy month for sure, but I am actually looking forward to it. The last few weeks have been all work and no play. If you know me at all, that is definitely NOT how I operate! :) I can't wait to spend a few weeks reconnecting with my children and just enjoying being with them. No neverending chores, no projects that take up all my free time, just me and my little ones. I think after a few weeks of no work and all play I will be ready to get back to the way life should be, a good balance of both!!

I am really excited about the next few weeks for this little blog! I have not forgotten my desire to cut the chaos in my life, however if I'm being totally honest, the last few weeks it simply hasn't been a priority, but stay tuned later this afternoon for something simple we can ALL do every day that has helped me out immensely in this chaotic period of my life :) Also you are gonna wanna check out our little blog on Friday, I am SO excited for whats coming!! I'll give you a little hint: A blog sway with one of my FAVORITE blogs that has inspired me in SO many different ways, I can't wait!!

So althought this blog has been so very has not been forgotten!!