Christmas is in two weeks!!! I am SO not ready! This year to save money we decided to cut back and try and make some of the girls gifts (by we I mean me of course :) and it is killing me :) I am not super crafty by nature, I have to work really hard at it, so this stuff is taking me forever!! However, I can't wait for Christmas morning for the girls to open their gifts that I put so much time and love into. I am hoping they will last for years to come. Thank you to my sweet Mother-in-law who is helping me with the blankets I am making. Skylar's is of course princesses, but I was pleasantly surprised with Kendall's. I didn't really know what kind of material to get for her, but at the store she saw a teddy bear print and went crazy! I got it down and she hugged the whole bolt of fleece the rest of the time we were there! And thank you to my mom for all of the amazing help with the quiet book I am making for Skylar. She found the pattern for the same quiet book she made for me when I was Skylar's age, and I still remember how much I loved that thing. She also took some of the pages that were overwhelming to me and did them for me, what a great Grandma!! It is quite the project, tracing, cutting, coloring, sewing. I will post pics when it is done, I will be very proud of myself :) Finally I am making a felt cake, basically a 3-tiered white cake covered in felt with little sparkly felt decorations so Skylar can decorate it. I found a wedding dress-up kit to go with it, and I think she is gonna go crazy! Her favorite thing to do is pretend she is getting married (to Carter in the temple! :) So basically, I am really looking forward to craft night girls! If you don't have any crafts to work on, I might have something for you to do!! :) As busy as it is, don't you just love this time of year!?!?


Temple Square

On Saturday night we braved the crowds (and seriously, it was ridiculous!) for the traditional lights at Temple Square. Even though it was crazy and cold and busy and hectic, I loved every minute of it. It put me in the Christmas Spirit like nothing else has, so I say Thank You to our friends that braved it with us. Maryann was without a husband and still brought her darling two boys, Nate and Kristen were also there and Nate was sick but still made the best of it! We have been very blessed with some great friends, we really missed you Karlee and Travis (and of course Matt :)

The highlight of the evening was seeing the Christus. This is one of Skylar's favorite things to do, and I love doing it with her. As we looked at the statue Skylar said "Mommy, look at the owies on his hands and feet. He did that because he loves me." I am so grateful for my children that constantly remind me how simple it all is. It is hardly ever easy, but it truly is simple. I am also grateful to Heavenly Father for sending these precious ones to me. I feel like they have been sent to me to help me become the person I can be, hopefully without screwing them up too much along the way :) As a mother I have been blessed to have moments where I catch just a glimpse of the way our Heavenly Father sees my children, and when I see that, I just want to do better. Not in an overwhelming, depressing, I-am-not-good-enough way, just a renewed determination to be the person my Father in Heaven expects me to be.


Letter to Santa

Skylar wanted to write her first letter to Santa, I told her I would write exactly what she said and she could sign it. Here it is :)

Dear Santa-
Bring us presents. I love you Santa. We love you. You have a family. Christmas trees, christmas trees, christmas trees!! Please bring me a nice married headband and a nice princess tiara.


So cute right?! I love the part "you have a family" and the Christmas trees, you can tell a little about her attention span there :) Children are always such a joy, but Christmas time is just too fun!!