Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to share a quick, fun Easter Treat that we have made the last few years at our house. I found this idea on the Rice Krispies website and we love making up a batch and delivering them to our neighbors :)

First of need to get some cute little helpers.

And cute aprons my mom made for Christmas don't hurt either ;)

Then you make the original Rice Krispies treat recipe.

1 bag of marshmallows
3 Tbsp butter
6 C Rice Krispies

Once you have your treats made, grab one of those plastic Easter Eggs you have lying around. Spray it with some Pam and mold your Rice Krispies into egg shapes.

The next step is to dip your treats into melted chocolate and then cover with some fun Easter Sprinkles.
And now you have yourself some yummy Rice Krispie Easter Eggs!

Simple and kind of treat!!
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Resurrection Eggs...its not too late!

I wanted to hurry and post this today in case anyone else LOVES to do everything last minute like I do :)

Years ago I found this amazing idea of doing a countdown to Easter using Resurrection Eggs!

You simply get 12 plastic eggs, number them 1-12, and fill each one with a scripture about the Savior's last days and something to represent that scripture. The final egg that you open on Easter morning is symbolically empty :)

I have seen these Resurrection Eggs all over, but I originally found the scriptures and fillers that we use in our family at Chocolate on my Cranium. A treasure of a blog if you haven't seen it before!

Tonight before we go to bed we will open our first egg, and continue until Easter Morning. I am so excited to teach my children more about the final days of our Savior on the earth, and help them catch a glimpse about what this holiday is really about. Thanks for stopping by!!


April Fools Day Breakfast

This year, my oldest daughter has been talking NON-STOP about April Fool's Day! She keeps trying to come up with little tricks we can play on Daddy...she has come up with some pretty good ones :) I knew if I didn't do anything to make the day fun she might be a little disappointed, so I threw together this little joke to brighten my kids' day.

I actually got this idea at Christmas time when I saw ALL the Elf on the Shelp ideas floating around Pinterest. I just LOVED the elf donuts they made out of Cheerios...and promised myself I would remember it for April Fool's Day!

I am SO excited for Sunday morning so I can present my kids with their sweet, delicious, mouth-watering breakfast!! :)

To make this for your kids all you need are some Cheerios, frosting, little sprinkles and a toothpick box.

I just (pain-stakingly!) frosted each Cheerio and then topped with sprinkles. Then I painted the outside of a toothpick box blue and our April Fool's Day breakfast is ready to go!

And don't worry...just in case my kids don't think its QUITE as funny as I do...I will have a half-dozen Krispy Kreme's hiding in the pantry ;)

I would LOVE to know what fun, (relatively) nice pranks you do in your family for April Fool's Day! Share away and have a great day!

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Resurrection Rolls

Today I wanted to share with you a great Easter tradition that teaches our children a little bit about the TRUE meaning of Easter.

I have had this awesome recipe in my files for years, but could not find where I first discovered it. I sure know I didn't come up with thank you to whoever had this amazing idea! :)

We used this as our family home evening last night, but it would be great to do any time between now and Easter Sunday.

Here is how you and your family can make your very own Resurrection Rolls! :)

All you need is a can of crescent rolls, marshmallows, melted butter and some cinnamon sugar.

First off, I started by explaining that during the time that Jesus lived, when a person died, their bodies were buried in tombs. Then I explained that the body was wrapped in cloth before it was placed in the tomb. Our crescent rolls represented that cloth.

Once everyone had their triangle "cloth" ready to go, I handed out the marshmallows. These represent the body of Jesus. I explained how they would cover the body in oil before they wrapped it.

Then we talked about how the body was annointed with spices.

Finally we discussed how they wrapped Jesus' body in a cloth.

After your rolls are sealed TIGHT (don't leave any spots open!) place them in the oven to bake for 10 minutes at 375 degrees.

While they were baking we talked about the miracle that happened 3 days later. We talked about Mary visiting the empty tomb, and being visited by an angel.

Finally, when the rolls had cooled we let each child cut open their roll...

As you probably guessed, the marshmallows melt and the crescent roll is empty inside.

This was such a great visual to help the kids understand! You could just see in their eyes...they got it!

As my husband bore testimony of the Resurrection...I got it too :) I was once again amazed by the miracle of Easter. Can you imagine Mary's despair when she visited the tomb...and it was empty? Just as she must have deeply sorrowed, can you imagine her joy when she was re-united with the Savior?

Skylar said "I wish I could see Jesus too..."
That is the beauty of Easter. We CAN see our Savior again. Because of the ultimate sacrifice he paid for us, we can one day return to His presence, reunited with all of our loved ones and our Heavenly Father.

I know there truly could be NO greater gift!
Thank you so much for visiting today. I hope this gave you a simple way you can help your children undertand the real meaning of Easter :) Have a fantastic day everyone!!
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Easter Egg Hunt...for our lunch!!

Usually when I find really great ideas on other blogs, I use that idea for inspiration and adapt the activity or craft to something that works for my family.

When the idea is simply FANTASTIC all on its own...I just completely copy it :) Giving ALL the credit where it's due of course! :)

Brandy blogs over at one of my absolute favorite blogs, Gluesticks. She has SO many wonderful treats, crafts, and activities for her little ones. I always leave reading her blog inspired to be a better mom and treasure every day with my little family. She did THE cutest activity with her kids that I KNEW we would have to recreate at our house. So today when the littles were ready to eat they went on their very own...

Easter Egg Hunt...for their lunch! :)

I loved this idea the minute I saw it! You least once a week we have muffin tin lunches. I just fill up each slot of the muffin tin with lots of different lunch food cut up into bite-size pieces. This was a great seasonal take on something we always do anyways. Plus...I usually do it on Mondays. Every Tuesday morning I do my grocery shopping, so I like to use up odds and ends on Monday when we do our Muffin Tin lunches :)

The only differene this week was I filled up all these cute Easter Eggs with the kids' lunches. Then I hid them around the living room and kitchen...and the kids had to hunt for their lunches :)

Once they found all the eggs the kids got to open them up to reveal their yummy lunches!

I love how excited Kendall was about her string cheese :)

I am so glad people blog about their wonderful ideas!

This was a quick, simple way to make our Monday a little more special. Monday is my planning day of the week, so we don't usually do much besides chores, errands, and planning! As Kendall was eating she said "This is the best day ever!!"

So if you are dreading making ONE more PB&J or one more pot of Mac and Cheese...switch it up a little bit and surprise your kids with these great Easter activity!


"Rainy Day" Craft!

We are learning all about Spring Weather this week, things like wind, rain, and mud...the kids are loving it so far! :)

Yesterday we learned all about rain, and did a really fun activity the kids totally loved. Well...until we were done, and then we had 3 simultaneous melt-downs and tantrums. Must have been a great activity, right?!

To get started, we all drew pictures of an outdoor scene. We pressed down extra hard with the crayons so the colors would show well.

Once we had our beautiful landscapes finished, I filled up 3 spray bottles with water and one drop of blue food coloring. This was "The Rain" for our pictures :)
Then we headed outside!!
I strung a piece of ribbon between 2 patio chairs and used clothespins to hang up each of the pictures.
Then the fun began!!
The kids each grabbed their spray bottle and let it "rain" like crazy on their pictures.

Some of the kids liked to stand up close...
Some of them liked to stand back far and see if they could still spray their picture.
It was so fun after to see how the pictures looked smeared, just like when you look out a window during a rainstorm! The kids had a blast, and I think we may be doing this again several times this week ;)
What does this picture have to do with anything you may ask?


I just think thats a pretty darn cute baby :)

Have a fantastic day everyone!!


Getting excited for conference!

I posted this idea several years ago and it always gets a ton of views every fall and spring :) I thought I would update it since I have had several emails saying people couldn't figure out the printable.

Here is one way I get my kids excited about General Conference in the spring! :)

This also makes a great handout for Primary, Young Women's, or your sisters you visit teach.

Feel free to grab the printable and make a few of your own!!

All you need are a few Otter Pops (or whatever brand they sell at Wal-Mart...I like them much better ;) and you have yourself a fun little way to get the kids in your life excited about General Conference.
There you have it! Pretty simple stuff, right?! :)
Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great week! :)