This is just too cute (if I do say so myself!:)

Last week I got together with one of my most favorite people, "Aunt Lisa"! I love her to pieces, and its actually funny, while she really is my aunt, we are only a little over a year apart in age. She feels much more like a sister to me :)

She is one of the craftiest people I know, and she did it again, and invited me to come over and make one of her newest crafts. You may have seen these around, they are advent calendars made out of 24 ct muffin tins! I absolutely love the idea of these! You cover the tins with individual square magnets that you decorate with scrapbook paper and embellishements and of course the numbers to represent the different days. The thing I love most about this is that I can just make magnest for all the different holidays and keep it up all year round. I still have to do the numbers, but I couldn't wait to post this in case anyone else wants to make one :)

Without any further ado...

Now I need to start making some for all of the other holidays...:)


Happy Birthday Kendall!!

I can't believe it, 2 years old already!! Kendall is such a fun part of our family, she is the quirkiest little girl I know. The littlest things can make her SO happy, like having a lipgloss or taking a nap with her shoes on, but man, if you make her angry WATCH OUT! It has been so fun to see her personality really start to come out this year. I have always hoped she wouldn't be in Skylar's shadow, since Skylar loves attention and is quite the little performer :) I am not worried about that anymore :) Even though its in a very different way, Kendall makes sure she gets the love and attention she needs, and every day is better because we have her! And of course, gotta love squeezing those chubby cheeks :)

For her birthday this year we decided to have a little Elmo party and our friends came over to join us! I had so much fun doing all this, sometimes I think I enjoy it more than the kids :)

We had fun Elmo cupcakes and little treat bags for the kids.

All in all it was a pretty laidback party, but still such a fun way to celebrate our precious Kendall. Love you sweetie!!


Take me out to the ball game...

A few weeks ago Paul was able to get his companies tickets to the Bees game. It is such a fun way to spend a warm summer night! The girls loved all the classic baseball game food, hot dogs, peanuts, and popcorn, and it was really entertaining trying to teach Skylar the rules of baseball :) They loved the big Bee running around, all in all a great family night!

Zoolander...the early years

Do you see the resemblance? :)

Serioulsy, Britton is already 3 months old! I cannot believe how with each child the newborn stage seems to go by faster and faster. It's really sad for me, because each time I love it more and more, and the more I have the more I realize I won't experience this too many more times (hopefully a couple more though! :)

Britton is my little angel. He has filled a place in my heart that I didn't even know needed filling :) There is something truly special about the Mother/Son bond, and I treasure it! It's odd, I can't quite explain it because I feel a certain closeness with my daughters, that is different but neither one is MORE or LESS, just different.

I don't know how you can't be madly in love with a boy who sleeps 10-11 hours a night by 3 months and takes two 3-hour naps a day :) He is the kind of baby that makes you just want to have more babies! I love you my little man!!