I need some FUN!!

Do you ever have one of those weeks (or months!) where you get so caught up with everything that NEEDS to be done, that you forget to have fun?! That has been me lately. I have been trying so hard to accomplish all these different tasks that I haven't done anything fun with my kids for weeks, and that is not like me :) If you have ever taken that color code personality test, I am ALL yellow, fun, fun, fun!! So yesterday I snapped out of my funk and we had an awesome afternoon together. Here are some things I came up with that were super fun and easy, and most importantly, FREE!!

Skylar had been looking forward to Monsters vs Aliens coming out on video so I thought I would go rent it from Redbox. I always have a bunch of free codes, and even though its only a dollar, who doesn't love free? While Skylar was at preschool I thought it would be fun to use my cricut and cut out different shapes that we could use to make monster faces. I already had all the paper so this was free and only took a few minutes to do.

Then I tried to think of some kind of snack I could make for us to eat while we watched the movie. It had to be something I had on hand and something that would go with my monsters theme. So I give you....(imagine I had blue jello:)


I just made jigglers and then cut them by hand (obviously, they are not too great, but Skylar loved them!) Then I used white and blue frosting to make the eyes and mouth.

Today was a good lesson for me. I am a huge planner, and I like that. But it was good to realize just because I didn't have this huge elaborate well thought out plan didn't mean I couldn't still be creative and have fun with my kiddos!


A fun, simple, CHEAP craft :)

You have probably seen these a million times, but I think they are a really cute, inexpensive gift or craft to do with your kids. All you do is get the .50 composition notebooks from Walmart and cover them with scrapbook paper. Then I cut out some words with my Cricut and finished it off by tying with a ribbon and sticking a pen in! These are a few I made for a girls weekend a few weeks ago.

What have the Johnson's been up to?

I am glad you asked! :)