Christmas is in two weeks!!! I am SO not ready! This year to save money we decided to cut back and try and make some of the girls gifts (by we I mean me of course :) and it is killing me :) I am not super crafty by nature, I have to work really hard at it, so this stuff is taking me forever!! However, I can't wait for Christmas morning for the girls to open their gifts that I put so much time and love into. I am hoping they will last for years to come. Thank you to my sweet Mother-in-law who is helping me with the blankets I am making. Skylar's is of course princesses, but I was pleasantly surprised with Kendall's. I didn't really know what kind of material to get for her, but at the store she saw a teddy bear print and went crazy! I got it down and she hugged the whole bolt of fleece the rest of the time we were there! And thank you to my mom for all of the amazing help with the quiet book I am making for Skylar. She found the pattern for the same quiet book she made for me when I was Skylar's age, and I still remember how much I loved that thing. She also took some of the pages that were overwhelming to me and did them for me, what a great Grandma!! It is quite the project, tracing, cutting, coloring, sewing. I will post pics when it is done, I will be very proud of myself :) Finally I am making a felt cake, basically a 3-tiered white cake covered in felt with little sparkly felt decorations so Skylar can decorate it. I found a wedding dress-up kit to go with it, and I think she is gonna go crazy! Her favorite thing to do is pretend she is getting married (to Carter in the temple! :) So basically, I am really looking forward to craft night girls! If you don't have any crafts to work on, I might have something for you to do!! :) As busy as it is, don't you just love this time of year!?!?


Temple Square

On Saturday night we braved the crowds (and seriously, it was ridiculous!) for the traditional lights at Temple Square. Even though it was crazy and cold and busy and hectic, I loved every minute of it. It put me in the Christmas Spirit like nothing else has, so I say Thank You to our friends that braved it with us. Maryann was without a husband and still brought her darling two boys, Nate and Kristen were also there and Nate was sick but still made the best of it! We have been very blessed with some great friends, we really missed you Karlee and Travis (and of course Matt :)

The highlight of the evening was seeing the Christus. This is one of Skylar's favorite things to do, and I love doing it with her. As we looked at the statue Skylar said "Mommy, look at the owies on his hands and feet. He did that because he loves me." I am so grateful for my children that constantly remind me how simple it all is. It is hardly ever easy, but it truly is simple. I am also grateful to Heavenly Father for sending these precious ones to me. I feel like they have been sent to me to help me become the person I can be, hopefully without screwing them up too much along the way :) As a mother I have been blessed to have moments where I catch just a glimpse of the way our Heavenly Father sees my children, and when I see that, I just want to do better. Not in an overwhelming, depressing, I-am-not-good-enough way, just a renewed determination to be the person my Father in Heaven expects me to be.


Letter to Santa

Skylar wanted to write her first letter to Santa, I told her I would write exactly what she said and she could sign it. Here it is :)

Dear Santa-
Bring us presents. I love you Santa. We love you. You have a family. Christmas trees, christmas trees, christmas trees!! Please bring me a nice married headband and a nice princess tiara.


So cute right?! I love the part "you have a family" and the Christmas trees, you can tell a little about her attention span there :) Children are always such a joy, but Christmas time is just too fun!!


Its a...

BOY!!!!!!! :)


New blog...

Don't worry, I will still have this one as well! Phew, I know you were all so worried :) I decided to start a blog where I put all the stuff that Skylar and I do at home, activities, themes, FHE and more. It's nothing fabulous, but I've had a lot of people ask me where I get ideas, and I thought I would share for anyone interested. There is a link on my sidebar, so if you're interested, check it out!!

Kissy face

Are you freakin kidding me?? They are so stinken cute!! I came out of the laundry room and they were giving each other kiss after kiss. I wish I could do a close-up on Kendall, too cute!! Even though they fight, I am so glad they have each other. I always wanted a sister, and I love that my girls will get to experience that. I also love the good that having a little sister has brought out in Skylar, she is never rough with her, and is always watching out for her. Good thing we like girls around her so much, I have a feeling we may be adding another one :)


Fun Halloween Things

Once again, middle of November, I know. But I can't remember all this stuff so I thought I would put some of the fun things we did this year on the blog. Unfortunately they almost all had to do with food :) Aren't treats fun? Some of our favorites were white chocolate dipped nutter butters that looked like ghosts, triangle cupcakes we decorated to look like candy corns, and pistachio pudding with crushed oreo on top to look like a monster!! We did a fun craft where the girls put their feet in paint and stepped on a cute piece of Halloween paper, then we put eyes and a mouth and they turned into cute little ghosts, super cute and fun to have their little footprints. We did a really fun Young Women's activity too that I thought you could easily adapt into a family tradition. A few days before Halloween we dressed up in our costumes and went "trick-or-treating", but the trick was doing a service for your neighbor, and then you left them with a treat. It was really fun and I think it would be awesome to start with my little family next year. The other thing we did, was I made a house covered in felt and little decorations so Skylar could decorate the house. She LOVED playing with it! They sell something similar online for about 70 bucks, I think mine cost around 10 bucks to make. Anyway, now I have this all posted so when I can't think of anything fun to do next year, all I have to do is look on my blog :)


Our internet is working again!! I realize it is the middle of November, but I just have to post our Halloween pics. We had such a fun holiday, I LOVE doing fun things with the kids and starting traditions with them. This year I let Skylar choose her costume and she chose (huge surprise :) Cinderella, and Kendall was a cute little ladybug. We had a great day full of ghost pancakes for breakfast, pizza mummies for lunch, and of course trick-or-treating that night. Halloween is rapidly becoming one of my favorite holidays!:)


We're Alive!!

I can't believe its been a whole month since a post!! Seriously, where does the time go?? I have so much to post about, girls trip to St. George, Halloween and all the fun activities that go with it, but we have been SO busy. This past Wednesday was our Young Women in Excellence program ( I am 2nd Counselor) and it was so wonderful...and so time consuming! :) I am relieved it is over, but am so grateful for the opportunity to serve, I am positive I am benefitting from it much more than my girls. The big news at our house is that I am 14 weeks along, and in a week and a half we will find out if its Baby Riley (girl) or Baby Boy (have NO boy names, would love suggestions :) The only name I have that I LOVE Paul thinks is silly because there is a singer by the same name, Jack. You know Jack Johnson. What do you think, too weird? I still like it, but Paul would have to be convinced :) Anyway that is what is going on in our lives, as soon as our internet is up and running (I promise Nate, its not your fault :) I will post some pics, my girls were darling at Halloween!!


I forgot to post this

A couple of weekends ago KBULL 93 was having a promo where you could go to the cornmaze at Thanksgiving Point for 93 cents! It is usually 10 bucks a person so it was a great deal. We had such a great time, thanks Crista for telling us about it. They had a fun little are where the girls could dress up like princesses and sit in Cinderella's pumpkin thing :) There was a ton to do, and I love fall, so it was a blast :)


What a day!

Okay, before I start, heres a little disclaimer. This is not a post to just complain or get your sympathy. I realize I have things pretty darn good and it could be much, much worse. With that said, I have bad days like every body else, and this one gave me some much needed perspective and taught me a lesson I hope to remember for a long time.

I have felt like crap today. I woke up with a killer headache and it will not stop. I am so nauseous (sp?) that I run to the bathroom every couple of minutes sure I am going to lose it, but I never do. All food is making me sick, so I haven't eaten as much as I should, which makes me feel weak and kind of woozy. While Skylar was at preschool I laid on the floor and let Kendall crawl around me and get into things I never let her get into. When Skylar got home I let them play outside while I laid on the grass on a blanket. They watched more TV than they should have today. By the time they went down for their naps (at the same time the little angels!) I was feeling worse than ever. So instead of being productive I watched an episode of House, and took a nap. When I woke up I felt so so discouraged. I hadn't taught my daughters anything today. I hadn't touched the mountain of laundry sitting in my closet. I hadn't played with them or done any fun Halloween crafts. I hadn't made a good dinner for my wonderful, hard-working husband. I hadn't had more than a passing thought about my Young Women and their individual needs. And mostly I couldn't figure out how in the world I could feel so discouraged and insecure as a mother, only to be bringing another precious child into this world. Then a beautiful, wonderful little angel named Skylar changed everything. I told her that when daddy got home we were going to make caramel apples. She looked up at me and said " You are the best mommy in the whole world!"
Seriously??? I felt like a really crappy mommy. I am so grateful that Skylar does not have the same unrealistic expectations for me that I have for myself. I am so grateful for the reminder that even though I didn't plan some grand educational activity today, or conquer the mountain of laundry today, that my kids know I love them, and in spite of all my weaknesses they still think I am a good mommy. I am so grateful for the precious life I am carrying and the knowledge that families are forever. I know its all worth it. I know I will wake up one day, and long for these days again. Mostly I know that one of Satan's most powerful tools against Heavenly Father's daughters is to make them feel inadequate and doubt their divinity. Today reminded me to never let him have that power over me. Turned out to be a pretty amazing day after all!


Steph beat me to the punch...

What more can I say? Love you girls!!!


You may or may not know

I thought I would blog about this particular subject for two reasons. One, we cannot keep a secret, two, I have a three year old that tells everyone we see (i.e. cashier at grocery store :) We have already told the fam, so why not the blogging world? :) Yep, we are expecting baby #3! We are so so excited. I am only 6 weeks, but when you figure I go 2 to 1 1/2 months early, I am practically in my second trimester :) In my head I feel a little crazy, but in my heart it feels so right. Skylar is so excited and says she can't wait for another baby sister (which she is sure it is :) and Kendall obviously has no idea. Knowing we are expecting another child has just made me treasure the children I have, want to soak up every single moment of just the two of them, and really get my life in order so I can be the mother these dear children of God deserve. Wish us luck! :)


Discovery at Gateway

Last Thursday we ventured downtown to go to the Discovery at Gateway. It is such a fun place for the kids, they go crazy! My aunt Lisa and her 3 kids joined us and they all had so much fun. It always makes me remember how when you are little, all you want to do is grown up stuff. So to be able to go shopping at the grocery store, or cook dinner in the kitchen is so exciting. Hmmm, when did I lose that excitement? They also have a lifelight helicopter that you can sit in, and the kids LOVED that. Skylar always tells everyone that when she was in my tummy she got to ride in one. I am really sad because last year my dad got us a year pass, and it has been so great to be able to go down there whenever and not worry about the cost. Unfortunately our pass ends September 30th, so who wants to go with me in the next two weeks? :) My pass gets in six people, so lets go!!


The Great Outdoors...

As you may or may not know, we are not really outdoorsy people. Paul is more than me, but still, not so much. So I was very surprised when he said he wanted to take the girls hiking. We ended up deciding to hike something we knew would be short and easy since we figured we would be carrying our girls the whole time. We got my dad in on the fun, and Saturday morning we were off! We hiked up Bell Canyon, it is RIGHT behind and my dad's house and...It was so fun! Yeah, I am totally out of shape, but it was a blast. There was a nice breeze, and surprisingly, Skylar walked about 2/3 of the way. I was very proud of her, since she is just like me, scared of everything. Before we went I made a little book that had pages with pictures of different leaves, so we tried to find leaves and put them in the book. Skylar was really into it, and I thought it was fun too. As long as Kendall had her goldfish to eat, she was good. You just cannot go out and do something like that and NOT come away grateful for the beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us. It felt good to be active as a family too, and just get away from all the noise. So maybe there is a chance for us to become outdoorsy? We are fishing next Saturday, so we shall see! :)


Keeping it real

I am sure many of you have heard of this blog, Seriously So Blessed, but if you haven't, it is freaking hilarious!! It is a satirical blog playing off of the typical mormon mommy blog. The first time I saw it, I have to say, it rubbed me the wrong way. As I thought more about it, I realized it was rubbing me the wrong way because my blog has SO many of the things she is making fun of :) I went back and read through my blog, and man, it seems like my life is absolutely perfect! Now herein lies the dilemma. I am all for being positive and looking for the good. Going along with that, I don't like to record the negative, but come on, it happens, right? Life is not perfect, but I do think I AM very blessed, so I don't like complaining. I actually think its kind of dangerous to always try to make your life look so perfect, because then other people feel bad about themselves when they have struggles, when in fact, you (and I mean me:) may just be better at hiding them. So, long story short, here is my attempt at keeping it real: I love my kids and don't know what I would do without them, however, some days I feel like I need anger management classes. I lose it! There are some nights I cry after they are asleep because I know they deserved a better mommy that day. I love my home and think it is beautiful, but I am horrible at keeping it clean. Seriously, it is a daily struggle for me to keep it up. If I know someones coming over and I can pull it together, but if you just stop by, it probably won't be very pretty! I love my husband and I KNOW I got the better end of the deal in our marriage, but (GASP) we fight, we always make up, but we fight.
I will continue to post cute pics of the kids, and write about the fun things we do, but all in all, I am going to try to keep it a little more real! And also, I certainly hope this didn't make anyone feel bad. I love reading all of your blogs, and in a lot of ways they make me want to do more and be better. This post is (what else?:)all about me. I believe your blog is for YOU, so you should do with it what you want. I just found mine is sounding a little too perfect, and I want to be a little more down to earth than I have been.


First day of preschool!

Can you believe it!?! My little baby is all grown up :) She was so excited to pick out her outfit and put on her backpack. When we got to her school she was such a big girl and walked right in without crying, gave me a big hug, said I love you, and was off! I promptly went out to my car and cried :)


Couldn't resist...

I had to post some more pics from Kendall's bday party. My sister-in-law Sarah is a budding photographer and she took these amazing pics of my girls. Thank you so much Sarah, you totally captured their different personalities. I love 'em!


6 years!!

Yesterday was our six year anniversary!! It was a pretty laid back day, we haven't quite figured out how to do things, with it being Kendall's birthday too. But it was still an amazing day, and I am so lucky to have my amazing husband Paul. He works SO hard to provide for our family, and he is the best daddy ever! He is always the first one to say I'm sorry, even when I am the one who should be apologizing, and he can always make me laugh. Here's to hoping the next six years are even better than the first!

Happy Birthday Kendall!

I cannot believe it, my baby is ONE!!! We had a fun little polka dot party for Kendall on Saturday to celebrate. Thanks to all our family and friends that made it so much fun, we are so blessed to have you! I had a great time throwing a last minute party together, polka dots everywhere! Of course, the highlight of the night was Kendall tearing into her cupcake, what a cutie :) Happy birthday angel, we love you so much!!


Our newest addition...

This awesome playset!! If you can see in the picture the guy in the little house part, that is my dad, and he is amazing!!! He made finishing our backyard and all the fun extra's possible, then went above and beyond and basically put the whole thing together for us! (With Paul's help :) Holy cow, there were so MANY peices, I couldn't believe it! So the question is, who wants to come play? :)


Kendall and her Bear

A few weeks ago we were all in Skylar's room, getting ready to put the girls to bed. All of a sudden Kendall starts squealing and bouncing up and down, reaching her arms out. She had found a bear we had given to Skylar several years ago. It was love at first sight!! Skylar has been such a sweetheart to let Kendall play with it, and it is now a permanent fixture in Kendall's bed :) I just love to see her squeeze that bear and kiss it, it is almost as big as her!


Nutrition Week

Ever since Skylar started a playschool last year I have been trying (sometimes very unsuccessfuly!) to use the same theme we had for school that week and plan activities for us to do at home to reinforce that theme. We have taken a break for most of the summer, but we are back at it again! I have had a few people ask me what kind of things we do, so I thought I would blog about it :) I find almost all my ideas from other people and then tweek them to work for me, so maybe this will give some of you some ideas, and if not, then I will just look back on it when it is time to do all these fun things with Kendall :) Since we are learning about nutrition we started with a really fun craft. I cut lots of different fruits and vegetables in half and let them dry. Then we dipped them in paint and stamped them on a piece of paper. Skylar would tell me what they were and I would label them, then we laminated it and now use it as a placemat. After that we put lots of fresh fruit on a skewer, rolled it in yogurt, and dipped it in coconut. Yumm! Today we are learning about the different food groups using all our plastic toy food, and making a food groups mobile. Tomorrow we are focusing all day on the Hungry Little Caterpillar book, making a caterpillar and going room to room to find all the different things the caterpillar ate.

As a mom I love the spontaneous fun moments I have with my kids, but I also love to have a plan and ideas and of course a theme :) to help teach Skylar. Hopefully this wasn't too boring! :)


I lied, one more post...

I have seen this on everybody's blog and thought I would join in!
Here are the directions: 1. As a comment on my blog, leave one (or two or three) memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! I guess good or bad, but be nice!!!!!!! 2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments. Try not to embarass me too much!!

Girls Camp

Last post today, I promise:) I was lucky enough last week to go up to Heber Valley with the Young Women in my ward for girls camp. What an amazing place! If you ever have the opportunity to go up there, I highly recommend it. There is such a special feeling and spirit there, I will never forget feeling the strength of our Heavenly Father's love for all of his daughters. We have some amazing young women that attended, but also some awesome leaders!! Ladies, I truly had a blast getting to know you all better, I am lucky to serve with you. And a HUGE thank you to my sister-in-law Camille, who took care of my girls while I was gone. I know it was hard and they were stinkers, but I TRULY appreciate it, it was an amazing opportunity for me. And now, I am sorry, but I have to brag about my hubby. I was so tired the day we got home and knew it was going to be a long day as I had left the house in shambles and we were having lots of family over for a big breakfast the next morning. I was not looking forward to all that cleaning. Anyways, I walk in and totally started crying. My sweet husband had stayed up til 1:30 every night Deep cleaning the entire house. We are talking laundry, dishes, closets, everything! Instead of frantically scrubbing the house all day I was able to just snuggle and nap with my girls that I missed SO MUCH!! Love you Paul!!

David Archadorable...

Haha ha ha! That is the name my cute little nephew came up with for David Archuletta and it totally cracked me up. At the last minute we were able to get three tickets to American Idols Live, and it was awesome!! I was really amazed with how talented they all were, even the people I wasn't crazy about on the show. Skylar loved going on a date with Mommy and Daddy and no Kendall! Of course she got a little freaked out and again needed the earplugs, but by the end she was loving it. There are some crazy David Archuletta fans out there, but he was pretty amazing. David Cook was my favorite the whole season and he did not dissapoint!!

Stadium of Fire

Miley Cyrus, not so great, Blue man group...AWESOME!! We just wish they would have performed longer! Although I wasn't compeletely wowed by Miley, Skylar LOVED her and was up dancing the whole time:) We were able to go with Paul's aunt and uncle and their family and we had SUCH a great time! Unfortunately Skylar was terrified of all the loud noise, and everytime she gets scared she says she has to go potty. Needless to say the people on our row were pretty sick of us by the end. All in all a great night once we got a hold of some earplugs. Kendall didn't mind the noise one bit and just sat in Paul's lap looking around at everything. God bless America!

Johnson Family Reunion

We had a blast! It was a weekend down in Monroe Utah filled with swimming, pioneer games, buck-a-roo rodeo, mechanical bull, pioneer trek and more! I am so grateful to everyone that put in so much work so we could have such a great time! Funniest part of the weekend: Skylar running and picking up the chicken. Classic! She had no idea what to do with it, and I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Saddest part of the weekend: taking Kendall to the emergency room for dehydration, turned out she had a fever of 102 and an ear infection. Most embarrasing part of the weekend: when I accidentally mooned Paul's entire extended family while riding the mechanical bull. Ohhh, good times :) Best part of the entire weekend: time away with my family learning about those that have come before us and that have sacrificed so much.


"If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear"...

So I have been telling a bunch of people about this fabulous food storage website and figured I would just post about it so you could ALL benefit from it! (if you are interested of course!) Months ago I started getting these emails telling me all the deals from the 5 major grocery stores and what to stock up on for food storage. I thought it was so great to have all the info in one place like that. I have never gotten into using coupons or anything, and never really knew what was a good deal, so I was glad to have someone else do the work for me! Well so many people wanted these emails that the lady who was sending them out finally decided to charge for her services. You go girl! She puts so much time into it, I was really glad she would be getting paid for it. Anyways, on her website you can sign up for the services and it tells you the deals at all the grocery stores, and they are color coded. Red means its cheaper than the Cannery and warehouse stores and to STOCK UP for your years supply, blue is pretty good deal but will go cheaper, and green is only buy if you are completely out. On those lists she always puts how much of the red items you should have for a year supply. Seriously, I am so so grateful to her for her services!! I don't know about you, but food storage has always been something I KNOW I should be doing, but was so overwhelmed I couldn't even start. Having a years supply of food is a commandment from our Prophet, and for the longest time I felt I was blatantly ignoring that. So anyways, after doing this for about 6 months we have a 3 months supply of food we usually eat that I can rotate through easily, and after a few more trips to the Cannery, we will have our years supply too. Oh yeah, and I think she charges like 8 bucks a month or something, you will save that in one trip to the grocery store! That also includes her menu planner which I love because I am always looking for new recipes. Whew! I feel like I should be working for her in her advertising :) But seriously, it has been a huge blessing to us, and if you are not interested in signing up, still go to the website because she has a bunch of awesome info and free downloads on food storage. Her website is and her blog is Hope some of you find this helpful! (Or you are all actually on top of things and have probably been doing this on your own for years!:)


I'm Back!!

And I am sure I have been missed so much! :) I think I have realized why I have such a hard time keeping up on my blog, I have a gazillion different journals!! I have my own personal journal, one for my Personal Progress (does that sound cheesy? Since I serve in the YW's, we are encouraged to participate along with the girls, I actually love it!), I keep individual journals for my girls so I can write down all the cute fun things they do and give them to them one day, this blog, and recently digital scrapbooking!! Whew, its hard to keep up! Anyway, not too much is new here. The big happenings of June were wonderful and not so wonderful. Not so wonderful-my sweet angel Skylar managed to delete almost ALL of our pictures I have ever taken :( Long story, don't get me started! :) On to better news, Skylar is completely potty-trained! Seriously, she was ready to do it, and with in days she was a pro, she hasn't had an accident in over two weeks! So fun to see them learn and grow. I'll be back later with some pics from the Johnson Fam reunion this weekend, what a blast!


I finally did it...

Made my first batch of homemade bread!! I have been wanting to do this forever, and it was so much fun. Skylar loved helping me punch down the dough, and the best part was it actually turned out pretty good. It will take a few more times to get it just right I think, but I am pretty proud of myself :) Homemaker, here I come!!

Happy Birthday Skylar!

I cannot believe I now have a 3 year old! We had such a great day, she was definitely a little bit spoiled :) When she woke up in the morning her room was filled with balloons and her big present was sitting in the living room waiting for her.

She was so excited all she could say was "now I have a car like Daddy!!" We had a great day filled with lunch with Daddy and Chuckee Cheese with Grandpa, and especially fun were two phone calls from Snow White and Cinderella wishing her a happy birthday. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make my special little girls day so fabulous! We ended the night with 3 really ugly princess cakes I made at one in the morning! Luckily Skylar still loved them! I love you sweet girl, you are my joy!!!

My silly girl!

Twice in one day I found Kendall looking like this when she woke up from her naps! She had the cutest little smile on her face, like she was so proud of herself :) What a little sweetheart!



My cute friend Steph tagged me a while back, and I am finally getting around to it! So here goes, 7 things about me you probably wouldn't know.

1-Growing up I was the BIGGEST tomboy. I mean, basketball shorts, soccer socks, sweatshirts and bball shoes was my everyday school apparel. Cute, right ;)

2-My most favorite thing to eat is grilled cheese sandwiches with applesauce. Paul thinks it is gross, but it is a Chamberlain family favorite!

3-My biggest fear is that I won't be a good enough mom. Every morning and night without fail begin by me on my knees praying that I can do enough to be deserving of the amazing kids I have been blessed with. I often feel inadequate, but have also been incredibly strengthened and edified. My children are such a gift!

4-Every night before Paul and I go to bed we watch Whose Line is it Anyways. So random, I know, but for some reason it makes us laugh sooo hard!

5-I love labor!! Some of you will call me crazy, but I have a lot of cute friends that have recently had adorable babies, and hearing about their birth makes me jealous! I can't get over the amazing miracle and joy of having a baby. All the work and pain makes it so much more incredible when you actually get to hold this little baby that you helped create. My grandma told me when I was having Skylar that having a baby is the closest you will get to heaven on this earth and that is exactly how I have felt with my children. Especially when I was able to hold Kendall right after I had her, that is one of my most treasured memories.

6-You know how most women see themselves fatter in the mirror than they really are? I have the opposite problem! After I have my babies, I think I look fabulous :) Then I finally weigh myself and I am absolutely shocked!! Where could that 25 lbs possibly be hiding? It is really quite funny, it takes me a good six months to realize I might want to think about working on that :)

7-I love talk radio. Any kind. Sports, politics, news, gardening, doesn't matter I will listen to it! When I worked that was all I listened to all day and I got hooked on Dr. Laura, Bob Launsberry, and Sean Hannity. Good times, now I am totally out of the loop on all things political, actually on all things! :)

There you have it and I tag Becky Heumann, Brittany Meiling and Crista! Have fun!


Tulip Festival

So much fun! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if there were actually tulips in bloom :) I guess thats what we get for going two days after it snowed. Still, the gardens were gorgeous and we really just enjoyed getting out in the sun and spending the day together.

Here is a cute little almost-family picture. Poor Kendall is always in the stroller, but she loves it!