Exactly what I needed!

This Saturday was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits and make it through this last week of bedrest. We were able as a family to venture to Thanksgiving Point to go to the Tulip Festival. How was this possible, you ask? VOILA....

Paul was so very thoughtful and arranged for us to rent a golf cart, and it was a blast!! The kids loved riding on it, and I didn't feel like I was cheating TOO badly, since I sat in the back with my feet up. We had such a wonderful afternoon.
For the first time in weeks I actually felt like a mommy, a part of the family. This is what I love to do, what I live for. Doing little things like this with my family always reminds me how blessed we are. I am so grateful for them, and for the little boy we will soon be blessed with. I feel like I am in such a good place right now, a week from today I will either have a beautiful new baby boy, or at least be off bedrest! I cannot wait to hold little Britton in my arms, meet the sweet little spirit that I feel like I already know, and go back to being the kind of mom I love to be, but hopefully much better!



Ahhh, nesting. I have come to find that if you are on bedrest, nesting is a very cruel thing. All day I sit alone at home, just looking around, thinking of all the things I would like to do with the house, and not being able to do a darn thing! Luckily we knew this fun adventure was probably coming so Paul helped me weeks ago to at least put Britton's room together. It has been really fun and different to do a little boy's room, I have to say I liked how it turned out. I also have to say how much I love Paul!! He wakes up early in the morning, gets the girls ready, takes them to whoever is watching them for the day, goes and works a 10-11 hour day, picks up the girls, stops to get something for dinner, plays with the girls, puts them to bed, and then does all the things around the house that have been driving me nuts all day! That is one husband that will be just as glad as the wife when baby comes! Anyway, without any further ado, Britton's room....

Happy Easter!

Easter was pretty simple at our house this year. I manged to throw together an easter basket for the girls, which they loved, but that was about it! I did remember to take pictures thank goodness, and I have to point out Skylar's hair. If you know me or Skylar you know her hair is NEVER done. Neither of us have the patience to do fancy hairstyles, but after my sister-in-law watched my girls last week I was inspired! Every time they came home they had the cutest little hairdo's, so I thought I would give it a go myself. Not too shabby, huh?


These are a few of my favorite things...

While I am on bedrest that is! :) First up...

My robot vacuum! I absolutely love this thing! It is so wonderful to have a freshly vacuumed home every day while I just lay on the couch :) Best Christmas present ever Dad, thank you, we love it!!

Ok, I know Harry Potter. I am a little late on this, but I have LOVED having an entire series that I haven't read, and now I am looking forward to the next movie. Pretty entertainin, and makes the time go by quickly. And last but certainly not least..

Ahhhh, crushed ice!! Seriously, all day I just refill my huge hospital mug with water and crushed ice. Yes, I know how bad it is for your teeth, but I crave chomping on that ice! Paul went and got me a bunch of good ice from Iceberg the other day, I know, I am such a dork. At least it wasn't a shake :)