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Luckiest Girl Ever!!


One month old!!

I cannot believe my little man is already one month old! And what a month it has been :) I didn't quite remember what it was like to have a newborn, but not in the way you might think. Of course the nightly feedings, the blowout diapers, the ginormous diaper bag, that is always a little shock to your system, but what I had forgotten has been so incredibly precious. I had forgotten the perfect innocence. I had forgotten the heavenly spirit that always lingers near him. I had forgotten how my little man could make all of us better. Skylar loves him so much, and always looks out for him, making sure he is being taken care of. Kendall is having a harder time, but not with him! When she is in the middle of one of her uncontrollable tantrums the ONLY thing that will calm her down is giving her baby Britton a hug and a kiss. Everytime I am near him I am reminded of everything good and pure. I don't want his innocence to be marred by harsh words, or a lack of the Spirit. So through him, I want to be better. For all my kids I need to be better, and I am so grateful for the reminder. He is such a gift.


A few more pics...


Britton's newborn pics!!

Aren't they amazing!! My friend Hollie Hanson did them and she did a fabulous job! I have a link to her blog under my friends, check it out if you need pics taken she is SO wonderful! These are just a few of my faves, there were so many I couldn't choose. I love my darling kids, and that baby boy has completely stolen my heart :)


He's Here!!

Britton is finally here (funny how it felt like the longest pregnancy ever, and he was actually 4 weeks early!:)!! We had him Sunday, April 26th at 2:45 pm. He was 6 lbs 13 oz, and 20 inches long. He was also absolutely perfect :) I can't describe how amazing it is to spend 3 months constantly worrying, praying, pleading, hoping that your little boy will make it here safely, and then to see him and hear that first cry, just amazing. And then to take him home with us two days later, my heart is just too full. Heavenly Father is so kind, any hardships we faced seem so insignificant when I look into his little face. The blessings outweigh the trials by so much, I feel almost silly to think how I struggled before.

Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to get the pics off my grandmas camera, so we don't have any brand new pics of him, but these two were taken yesterday after his first bath at home. I am loving his adorable blonde hair, and Paul loves his little ears :)

The girls have been amazing through this whole thing, and I think they are so happy to have our family together that Britton has just made it that much sweeter. He has such a sweet tempermant and is very mellow (so far!!) We love our little man!!