You may or may not know

I thought I would blog about this particular subject for two reasons. One, we cannot keep a secret, two, I have a three year old that tells everyone we see (i.e. cashier at grocery store :) We have already told the fam, so why not the blogging world? :) Yep, we are expecting baby #3! We are so so excited. I am only 6 weeks, but when you figure I go 2 to 1 1/2 months early, I am practically in my second trimester :) In my head I feel a little crazy, but in my heart it feels so right. Skylar is so excited and says she can't wait for another baby sister (which she is sure it is :) and Kendall obviously has no idea. Knowing we are expecting another child has just made me treasure the children I have, want to soak up every single moment of just the two of them, and really get my life in order so I can be the mother these dear children of God deserve. Wish us luck! :)


Discovery at Gateway

Last Thursday we ventured downtown to go to the Discovery at Gateway. It is such a fun place for the kids, they go crazy! My aunt Lisa and her 3 kids joined us and they all had so much fun. It always makes me remember how when you are little, all you want to do is grown up stuff. So to be able to go shopping at the grocery store, or cook dinner in the kitchen is so exciting. Hmmm, when did I lose that excitement? They also have a lifelight helicopter that you can sit in, and the kids LOVED that. Skylar always tells everyone that when she was in my tummy she got to ride in one. I am really sad because last year my dad got us a year pass, and it has been so great to be able to go down there whenever and not worry about the cost. Unfortunately our pass ends September 30th, so who wants to go with me in the next two weeks? :) My pass gets in six people, so lets go!!


The Great Outdoors...

As you may or may not know, we are not really outdoorsy people. Paul is more than me, but still, not so much. So I was very surprised when he said he wanted to take the girls hiking. We ended up deciding to hike something we knew would be short and easy since we figured we would be carrying our girls the whole time. We got my dad in on the fun, and Saturday morning we were off! We hiked up Bell Canyon, it is RIGHT behind and my dad's house and...It was so fun! Yeah, I am totally out of shape, but it was a blast. There was a nice breeze, and surprisingly, Skylar walked about 2/3 of the way. I was very proud of her, since she is just like me, scared of everything. Before we went I made a little book that had pages with pictures of different leaves, so we tried to find leaves and put them in the book. Skylar was really into it, and I thought it was fun too. As long as Kendall had her goldfish to eat, she was good. You just cannot go out and do something like that and NOT come away grateful for the beautiful world Heavenly Father created for us. It felt good to be active as a family too, and just get away from all the noise. So maybe there is a chance for us to become outdoorsy? We are fishing next Saturday, so we shall see! :)


Keeping it real

I am sure many of you have heard of this blog, Seriously So Blessed, but if you haven't, it is freaking hilarious!! It is a satirical blog playing off of the typical mormon mommy blog. The first time I saw it, I have to say, it rubbed me the wrong way. As I thought more about it, I realized it was rubbing me the wrong way because my blog has SO many of the things she is making fun of :) I went back and read through my blog, and man, it seems like my life is absolutely perfect! Now herein lies the dilemma. I am all for being positive and looking for the good. Going along with that, I don't like to record the negative, but come on, it happens, right? Life is not perfect, but I do think I AM very blessed, so I don't like complaining. I actually think its kind of dangerous to always try to make your life look so perfect, because then other people feel bad about themselves when they have struggles, when in fact, you (and I mean me:) may just be better at hiding them. So, long story short, here is my attempt at keeping it real: I love my kids and don't know what I would do without them, however, some days I feel like I need anger management classes. I lose it! There are some nights I cry after they are asleep because I know they deserved a better mommy that day. I love my home and think it is beautiful, but I am horrible at keeping it clean. Seriously, it is a daily struggle for me to keep it up. If I know someones coming over and I can pull it together, but if you just stop by, it probably won't be very pretty! I love my husband and I KNOW I got the better end of the deal in our marriage, but (GASP) we fight, we always make up, but we fight.
I will continue to post cute pics of the kids, and write about the fun things we do, but all in all, I am going to try to keep it a little more real! And also, I certainly hope this didn't make anyone feel bad. I love reading all of your blogs, and in a lot of ways they make me want to do more and be better. This post is (what else?:)all about me. I believe your blog is for YOU, so you should do with it what you want. I just found mine is sounding a little too perfect, and I want to be a little more down to earth than I have been.


First day of preschool!

Can you believe it!?! My little baby is all grown up :) She was so excited to pick out her outfit and put on her backpack. When we got to her school she was such a big girl and walked right in without crying, gave me a big hug, said I love you, and was off! I promptly went out to my car and cried :)