She works hard for the money...

Okay, not really for the money, since I don't actually get paid for the work that I do, but you get the idea! :)

On Saturday Paul and the girls went out with our fantastic friends for a day on the boat. I stayed home with the little guy and tackled the mountains of ridiculous laundry. 8 hours later I was still not done, but the end was in sight!

It looked and sounded like everyone had a blast, but I have to say finishing that laundry felt SO good! You know you are a mom when you beg your hubby to take the kids for a day so you can CLEAN :)

Anyway, those are 2 adorable pics from Maryann's blog of my girls and her two cuties, Max and Carter. And thanks so much Nate for taking them all out. I know they get crazy, but they sure love you guys!


Herriman Days

Every year we make our way down to Herriman Days for the festivities. This year was no different and we had a great time! We went early to set up blankets and claim a spot for the fireworks. The boys had fun playing frisbee and the girls just chatted and made fun of the celebrity impersonator :) We ate dinner, just hung out, and relaxed! Skylar loved going in all the different bounce houses and she and Kendall were just too cute on the little boat ride.

Finally around 10 they started the fireworks show. I was really impressed, they were beautiful. In years past fireworks have been very traumatizing for Skylar so this year I was prepared. We were snuggled together with lots of blankets and pillows and Skylar had earplugs. She loved them!! All 3 kids were snuggling up together watching them and it was so sweet! Even though they drive me crazy sometimes life would not be complete without them.


Shower Time

My darling friend Karlee is expecting her first baby, a little boy, in September. Kristin, Maryann and I threw her a shower last week and it was SO fun! It was so wonderful to meet all of Karlee's cute friends and family, she is very loved :)

They are decorating Beck's room with a baseball theme (so cute!) so we decided to use the same idea for the shower. Maryann came up with the most adorable invites and we did it at our place. Here is my first diaper cake I have ever made my myself. Unfortunately it was not perfect, but I learned alot for the next one! We played a really fun game and then had an ice cream bar and homemade rootbeer. Kristin, I am still convinced I messed that up, next time you will have to try it, everything you make is delicious!

For favors we made caramel popcorn and put it in these cute popcorn boxes, just like you get at a baseball game.

It was such a fun night and I am so excited for Karlee and Travis. They will be the best mommy and daddy, Beck is a very lucky little boy :)

Love it!

One of my favorite things to do when the weather turns nice is to take the kids to Gardner Village. We always pack a lunch and have a little picnic while we feed the ducks. Then we walk around and look at all the fun things, ending with a trip to Sweet Aftons where the girls get to pick out a treat.

I love doing this because it reminds me how easy it is to make my kids happy. So often I go overboard trying to do so much, when one of there favorite things is just spending time together, no matter what we do!

Birthday Girl!

I cannot believe how behind I am! I guess having a new baby will do that to you, but I wanted to make sure I still blogged some fun things that have gone on in the last two months.

Our little girl turned 4 years old on May 16th. The last 4 years have absolutely flown by, and have been the happiest, hardest, most exciting 4 years of my life. Skylar is so amazing. She can always bring a smile to my face, she reminds me to enjoy the little things, she makes me excited for each day because I never know what to expect with her! She IS the drama queen, but she also has a heart of gold, and already fosters a deep love and respect for her Heavenly Father and Jesus. Being a big sister has brought out the best in her, and she says she still wants one more brother and one more sister. Sounds good to me!! :)

Since her birthday was just a few weeks after we had Britton we went really simple this year and just did cupcakes in our backyard with close friends and family. Thank you to everyone that came, it really meant a lot to us and Skylar. She said, "Wow mom, are all these people here because they love me?" How can you NOT love a little girl like that?