I finally did it...

Made my first batch of homemade bread!! I have been wanting to do this forever, and it was so much fun. Skylar loved helping me punch down the dough, and the best part was it actually turned out pretty good. It will take a few more times to get it just right I think, but I am pretty proud of myself :) Homemaker, here I come!!

Happy Birthday Skylar!

I cannot believe I now have a 3 year old! We had such a great day, she was definitely a little bit spoiled :) When she woke up in the morning her room was filled with balloons and her big present was sitting in the living room waiting for her.

She was so excited all she could say was "now I have a car like Daddy!!" We had a great day filled with lunch with Daddy and Chuckee Cheese with Grandpa, and especially fun were two phone calls from Snow White and Cinderella wishing her a happy birthday. Thank you so much to everyone that helped make my special little girls day so fabulous! We ended the night with 3 really ugly princess cakes I made at one in the morning! Luckily Skylar still loved them! I love you sweet girl, you are my joy!!!

My silly girl!

Twice in one day I found Kendall looking like this when she woke up from her naps! She had the cutest little smile on her face, like she was so proud of herself :) What a little sweetheart!



My cute friend Steph tagged me a while back, and I am finally getting around to it! So here goes, 7 things about me you probably wouldn't know.

1-Growing up I was the BIGGEST tomboy. I mean, basketball shorts, soccer socks, sweatshirts and bball shoes was my everyday school apparel. Cute, right ;)

2-My most favorite thing to eat is grilled cheese sandwiches with applesauce. Paul thinks it is gross, but it is a Chamberlain family favorite!

3-My biggest fear is that I won't be a good enough mom. Every morning and night without fail begin by me on my knees praying that I can do enough to be deserving of the amazing kids I have been blessed with. I often feel inadequate, but have also been incredibly strengthened and edified. My children are such a gift!

4-Every night before Paul and I go to bed we watch Whose Line is it Anyways. So random, I know, but for some reason it makes us laugh sooo hard!

5-I love labor!! Some of you will call me crazy, but I have a lot of cute friends that have recently had adorable babies, and hearing about their birth makes me jealous! I can't get over the amazing miracle and joy of having a baby. All the work and pain makes it so much more incredible when you actually get to hold this little baby that you helped create. My grandma told me when I was having Skylar that having a baby is the closest you will get to heaven on this earth and that is exactly how I have felt with my children. Especially when I was able to hold Kendall right after I had her, that is one of my most treasured memories.

6-You know how most women see themselves fatter in the mirror than they really are? I have the opposite problem! After I have my babies, I think I look fabulous :) Then I finally weigh myself and I am absolutely shocked!! Where could that 25 lbs possibly be hiding? It is really quite funny, it takes me a good six months to realize I might want to think about working on that :)

7-I love talk radio. Any kind. Sports, politics, news, gardening, doesn't matter I will listen to it! When I worked that was all I listened to all day and I got hooked on Dr. Laura, Bob Launsberry, and Sean Hannity. Good times, now I am totally out of the loop on all things political, actually on all things! :)

There you have it and I tag Becky Heumann, Brittany Meiling and Crista! Have fun!