Couldn't resist...

I had to post some more pics from Kendall's bday party. My sister-in-law Sarah is a budding photographer and she took these amazing pics of my girls. Thank you so much Sarah, you totally captured their different personalities. I love 'em!


6 years!!

Yesterday was our six year anniversary!! It was a pretty laid back day, we haven't quite figured out how to do things, with it being Kendall's birthday too. But it was still an amazing day, and I am so lucky to have my amazing husband Paul. He works SO hard to provide for our family, and he is the best daddy ever! He is always the first one to say I'm sorry, even when I am the one who should be apologizing, and he can always make me laugh. Here's to hoping the next six years are even better than the first!

Happy Birthday Kendall!

I cannot believe it, my baby is ONE!!! We had a fun little polka dot party for Kendall on Saturday to celebrate. Thanks to all our family and friends that made it so much fun, we are so blessed to have you! I had a great time throwing a last minute party together, polka dots everywhere! Of course, the highlight of the night was Kendall tearing into her cupcake, what a cutie :) Happy birthday angel, we love you so much!!


Our newest addition...

This awesome playset!! If you can see in the picture the guy in the little house part, that is my dad, and he is amazing!!! He made finishing our backyard and all the fun extra's possible, then went above and beyond and basically put the whole thing together for us! (With Paul's help :) Holy cow, there were so MANY peices, I couldn't believe it! So the question is, who wants to come play? :)


Kendall and her Bear

A few weeks ago we were all in Skylar's room, getting ready to put the girls to bed. All of a sudden Kendall starts squealing and bouncing up and down, reaching her arms out. She had found a bear we had given to Skylar several years ago. It was love at first sight!! Skylar has been such a sweetheart to let Kendall play with it, and it is now a permanent fixture in Kendall's bed :) I just love to see her squeeze that bear and kiss it, it is almost as big as her!


Nutrition Week

Ever since Skylar started a playschool last year I have been trying (sometimes very unsuccessfuly!) to use the same theme we had for school that week and plan activities for us to do at home to reinforce that theme. We have taken a break for most of the summer, but we are back at it again! I have had a few people ask me what kind of things we do, so I thought I would blog about it :) I find almost all my ideas from other people and then tweek them to work for me, so maybe this will give some of you some ideas, and if not, then I will just look back on it when it is time to do all these fun things with Kendall :) Since we are learning about nutrition we started with a really fun craft. I cut lots of different fruits and vegetables in half and let them dry. Then we dipped them in paint and stamped them on a piece of paper. Skylar would tell me what they were and I would label them, then we laminated it and now use it as a placemat. After that we put lots of fresh fruit on a skewer, rolled it in yogurt, and dipped it in coconut. Yumm! Today we are learning about the different food groups using all our plastic toy food, and making a food groups mobile. Tomorrow we are focusing all day on the Hungry Little Caterpillar book, making a caterpillar and going room to room to find all the different things the caterpillar ate.

As a mom I love the spontaneous fun moments I have with my kids, but I also love to have a plan and ideas and of course a theme :) to help teach Skylar. Hopefully this wasn't too boring! :)