Secret Message Easter Eggs!

Hello everybody!! :)

Tonight we did the classic easter egg dying...and it was a blast! Thanks to Pinterest I found THIS great idea to make your own dye using ONLY Kool-Aid and water.

It is easy, cheap, smells GREAT, and the kids loved it! The eggs dye much quicker too, I will never use vinegar again :)

As you can see from these cute faces, the kids had a great time!

Paul and I decided to add a little bit of extra fun to our night at the last minute. After I had hard-boiled all the eggs I picked several out and with a white crayon wrote letters on individual eggs to make up a word.

I told the kids a special treat was waiting for them...but they had to put all the eggs with letters together to spell out the treat's hiding place! :)

The kids were SO excited each time they took an egg out of the Kool-Aid and saw a letter! You could do a million different things with just added a little bit more fun and excitement to an already great family activity.

I was so mad I forgot to get a picture of the treat! BUT...I do have the printable for you if you want to make it for yourself :) All I did was have Paul pick up some powdered sugar donut holes and put them in a bag with this cute tag attached.

Such a fun night! So fun in fact there MAY have been lots of crying when it ended. And I might have had to promise the kids we would do it again tomorrow night :)

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope it has been worth your time :) Have a great night!


Kelley @

Aww.. Im going to have to try the kool aid dye! We use vinegar.. thanks for the tip! Love those cute faces! And that your little man went straight for the egg.. such a boy :)

Lyndee Wilkerson

So cute! I was wondering how the kool-aid dye worked out.

Little City Farm

Had to laugh - of course the little boy would just reach in and grab the egg, lol. What a bunch of cuties - thanks for sharing at our party this week.

Allison {A Glimpse Inside}

How cute are those! I bet the kids love to see what the message is!
Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse Party. I will be featuring these tomorrow!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

I would totally prefer kool-aid smelling dye over the icky-smelling vinegar kind! Have a great Easter weekend.


Definitely going to try the Koolaid next year instead of the vinegar! Your secret message idea is so cute! You always have such clever and unique ideas for treats. I love the bunny tails idea!


Love the secret message idea. Wish I had read it sooner, but definitely pinning it for next year!


Great idea! How is the kool-aid color permanent WITHOUT the vinegar??