Smiling this Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

I haven't done a Smiling this Sunday post forever, so I thought it was time to recap a few things that made me smile this last week :)

Since it was MOSTLY beautiful weather all last week, we spent a few days and evenings at the park. Luckily for us...they built this amazing monstrosity just a few minutes away from our house!

It is pretty much the coolest park ever. There are a million different things for the kids to do, I don't think they would ever get bored here. I loved seeing my kids play with their cousins, each other, and new friends for hours on end!

This one REALLY makes me smile :)

Doesn't this totally remind you of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer has the Japanese business men sleeping in his drawers?! Totally cracks me up! He really was trying to convince me to let him take his nap in there... little bug. She is pulling herself up on everything now, and when I am working on my computer this is what I am constantly seeing :) She is such a joy to me.

So I'd love to know...what made you smile this week?! I am striving SO hard to focus on all the GOOD in my life...and there truly is so much, when I'm willing to look for it :)

Have a wonderful Sunday and stop back soon for some really fun flower activities and a new Family Home Evening!


Kelley @

Aww.. look at your little lady! So sweet :) And too funny that your little man wanted to sleep in the drawer.