Resurrection Eggs...its not too late!

I wanted to hurry and post this today in case anyone else LOVES to do everything last minute like I do :)

Years ago I found this amazing idea of doing a countdown to Easter using Resurrection Eggs!

You simply get 12 plastic eggs, number them 1-12, and fill each one with a scripture about the Savior's last days and something to represent that scripture. The final egg that you open on Easter morning is symbolically empty :)

I have seen these Resurrection Eggs all over, but I originally found the scriptures and fillers that we use in our family at Chocolate on my Cranium. A treasure of a blog if you haven't seen it before!

Tonight before we go to bed we will open our first egg, and continue until Easter Morning. I am so excited to teach my children more about the final days of our Savior on the earth, and help them catch a glimpse about what this holiday is really about. Thanks for stopping by!!