New Years Resolutions Printable...For the Kids!

Hello my long-lost blogging friends!!  I have missed this little old blog of mine, so I thought I would share something you may enjoy doing for New Years with your family :)  We had our kids fill out these resolution pages last year, and it has been so fun looking at them as this new year approaches, seeing how much they have grown and changed in one little year!

To do this fun activity with your family just have your kids either glue a recent picture of themselves in the middle square or draw a picture of themselves.  Then have them answer all of the different questions in each bubble.  I love how the questions all focus on different goals, things the kids can give, see, learn, try and become!

Just print off as many as you need and then sit back and enjoy all the cute things your kids come up with!
And make sure once they are filled out to save them for next year so you can look at them in 2016! ;)
I hope this New Year's Eve finds you and your families happy, save and full of love!