Out with the old, in with the....older

This last week our lease was up on one of our vehicles and it was time to turn it in. Usually this would mean a mission to find a new car, however this time was a little bit different.

Let's be honest folks, times are TIGHT! We are so lucky that Paul has a great job, but our finances are a lot different now then they were 3 years ago when we bought our home. It has been a very interesting time for us. I think when you are struggling and stressed about your finances, it seems to take over your whole life. As we've been going through this we have truly realized how priceless financial security is, and how trite "things" truly are.

So even though it was a sad day (especially for Paul!:) when we said goodbye to this:

I think we have both slept a little easier knowing we are doing what we can to better provide for our family and become more self-sufficient as the Lord would have us be. We now have just our one little and old Honda, but luckily for us, we are able to squeeze all the kids in the backseat. And with any difficult situation, the good is always there if you are willing to look for it. As we drive Paul to work in the mornings we read our scriptures and have some much-needed family time that we have previously been missing :) We also have amazing family members that have offered us the use of one of their cars while they are trying to sell it. Things are things and it was fun while it lasted, but I am excited to see what we can accomplish with our new goals and hopes for our future!