Change is hard...

But it is so good too. Today I have thought alot about changes in my life and how I deal with them. I was released from the Young Women's presidency today in my ward, and it is such a bittersweet thing. A part of me is so excited to be able to give that time to my children and husband, do some things I have wanted to do for the last two years and have simply had to let go. The other part is just plain sad. I grew to love the Young Women so much, and also the other women I have served with. I have made dear friends that I have learned so much from and I am better because of them.
Today as I sat in church, I just kept thinking "did I do enough?" "Did I adequately express my love and the love of our Savior for these dear Young Women?" And finally, "did I do the job my Heavenly Father called me to do?"
I don't know for sure the answers, but that isn't the important part :) The important part was realizing these are questions that we all have to answer, as mothers, friends, wives and daughters. And frankly, we never know when we will be "released" from our different callings, and when it will be time to be accountable to our Savior.
I have a renewed energy and desire to be able to answer these questions positively when it comes to my most important and treasured calling...that of Mother. Am I doing enough, am I showing my children my love for them and our Saviors, and mostly, am I doing the job my Heavenly Father has called me to do?
So today as I try to be grateful for one release, I am excited to work harder and be better and more loving in all my other "callings" :)



The last 6 months have completely flown by! My little guy is not so little anymore, and is getting more and more fun by the day. He loves to roll around and play with his toys, he does NOT love baby food, being on his tummy, or those two mean teeth that are trying to push through! He is still as lovable and sweet as ever, and getting chunkier by the day, just the way I like him :)


Murder at the Juice Joint!

Last year our friends Nate and Kristin threw a great murder mystery party (seriously you guys, we had a blast!:) and we wanted to keep the tradition going and have one this year too. We decided on the Murder at the Juice Joint, a 1920's themed party!

It was so fun!! We have some great friends who really got into it and made the night a lot of fun.

This was the main table, I love to throw a party!

Gotta love a fun party favor! Beer mugs filled with mini Martinelli's Sparkling Cider

These were the different envelopes that had your objectives you had to accomplish before and after the murder.

Prizes for Best Dressed, Most Money, and Best Actor. I just decorated old formula cans and filled them with chocolate covered pretzels.

Here are the invites, had all the background info and character information.

Here is the whole group in all our glory!

Everyone examining all the evidence and voting :)

Detective Pinkerton (Matt) at the crime scene. Poor Nick (Paul) was the one to go!

These are the drinks, it was supposed to be a bar after all!

It was a really fun night, thanks for coming everyone! :)