Liahona Family Home Evening

Well, Monday has come and gone and you know what that means...a Family Home Evening!

I've got to be honest here. Although I think this was a great fhe, and my kids learned something and participated well...it didn't go as well as I had hoped. We are on day 1 of potty-training my almost 3 year old...need I say more?! :) I don't want to give the impression that every family home evening we have is stellar...because more often than not, they aren't. I don't feel like my kids really GOT the message I was hoping to teach tonight, and when I ask them tomorrow I'm not sure they will even be able to tell me what we talked about :) BUT...I am learning there is peace in obedience. There is peace in knowing that we did what is asked of us. And there is peace in HOPING that every once in a while SOMETHING we talk about sticks :)

Now I bet you are REALLY excited about this fhe, right?! ;)
Tonight we learned all about the Liahona, how it lead and protected Nephi and his family based upon their righteousness. I then wanted to compare that to the having the Holy Ghost in our lives to give us direction.
To start off I printed off this picture and asked my kids the question at the bottom:

We talked about all the different things these signs mean, how they can direct us where to go, help us get there safely, and keep us on the right path.

I asked the kids if they thought Nephi and his family had signs like these back then to help them find their way through the wilderness. Once we definitely decided they didnt, we talked about the miracle of the Liahona and how, based on their righteousness, the Lord provided a way to lead and protect his people to the Promised Land.

Then I asked the kids if THEY had a Liahona. Sadly, we all said no, but then we talked about a special gift our Heavenly Father has for US...the gift of the Holy Ghost. Just like the Liahona, when we are righteous and obey Heavenly Father's command we can have protection and be guided, just as Nephi was.

Then we read this perfect scripture from Alma:

We talked about how by following our Savior, we can be let to our eternal bliss...just as Nephi and his people were led to the promised land. Isn't that beautiful?!

At this point the kids are usually getting a little restless so I try to have an activity of some sort to keep them engaged. Going along with the theme of signs and directions I made this silly little traffic light :)

Even though it looks pretty shabby its actually pretty cool :) I just got 2 pieces of black construction paper and cut 3 circles in one piece. Then I stapled around both sides leaving just enough room to slide in a paper towel roll. I painted different parts of the paper towel roll red, yellow and green with the rest of it black. That way, depending on which way I turned it, I could switch the light to stop, slow down, or go!

I loved making this because I am SURE it will come in handy the rest of our Transportation theme week :)

I had the kids line up across the room from me and each would share one thing that happened in the last week. If it was something that helped them grow closer to the Savior and have the Holy Ghost, I turned the light green and they could take two steps forward. If it was something that did NOT invite the spirit or follow the example of the Savior I turned the light red and they had to go back a step. They LOVED this part of the night and wanted to keep playing once they had gotten all the way across the room :)

I think the main thing I wanted to share with you (and remind myself) in regards to family home evening tonight is this...

Don't give up!

I KNOW how it feels to spend so much time to prepare something and then feel like that time was totally wasted. I know how it feels to be in middle of sharing my testimony and see my kids staring back at me with blank eyes! :)

But...I also know how it feels that ONE night that they really get it. I know how it feels to share a part of your soul with the people you love the MOST in this world, and have them grab a hold of it. Those moments, even though at times they seem few and far between, are what keep me motivited. So if you are like us, and had just an OK family home evening, keep it up! Your family will be stronger and better for it. And so will YOU :)

Ok, enough of my preaching :) Thanks so much for visiting us today and have a great night!!


The Harding Family

You mean you have had an FHE where your kids "actually get it".. we are still waiting for that to happen at our house:) Love ya girl, your such a great example...


That's so great! I will be using this idea!

Cara :)

Thank you for the motivation! I totally need it! So many Monday nights we are home with out Mike and it's hard to make it happen sometimes - your blog always motivates me to think outside the box and teach my children on their level :)


Great ideas! Thanks so much for taking the time to blog them.