Its a...

BOY!!!!!!! :)


New blog...

Don't worry, I will still have this one as well! Phew, I know you were all so worried :) I decided to start a blog where I put all the stuff that Skylar and I do at home, activities, themes, FHE and more. It's nothing fabulous, but I've had a lot of people ask me where I get ideas, and I thought I would share for anyone interested. There is a link on my sidebar, so if you're interested, check it out!!

Kissy face

Are you freakin kidding me?? They are so stinken cute!! I came out of the laundry room and they were giving each other kiss after kiss. I wish I could do a close-up on Kendall, too cute!! Even though they fight, I am so glad they have each other. I always wanted a sister, and I love that my girls will get to experience that. I also love the good that having a little sister has brought out in Skylar, she is never rough with her, and is always watching out for her. Good thing we like girls around her so much, I have a feeling we may be adding another one :)


Fun Halloween Things

Once again, middle of November, I know. But I can't remember all this stuff so I thought I would put some of the fun things we did this year on the blog. Unfortunately they almost all had to do with food :) Aren't treats fun? Some of our favorites were white chocolate dipped nutter butters that looked like ghosts, triangle cupcakes we decorated to look like candy corns, and pistachio pudding with crushed oreo on top to look like a monster!! We did a fun craft where the girls put their feet in paint and stepped on a cute piece of Halloween paper, then we put eyes and a mouth and they turned into cute little ghosts, super cute and fun to have their little footprints. We did a really fun Young Women's activity too that I thought you could easily adapt into a family tradition. A few days before Halloween we dressed up in our costumes and went "trick-or-treating", but the trick was doing a service for your neighbor, and then you left them with a treat. It was really fun and I think it would be awesome to start with my little family next year. The other thing we did, was I made a house covered in felt and little decorations so Skylar could decorate the house. She LOVED playing with it! They sell something similar online for about 70 bucks, I think mine cost around 10 bucks to make. Anyway, now I have this all posted so when I can't think of anything fun to do next year, all I have to do is look on my blog :)


Our internet is working again!! I realize it is the middle of November, but I just have to post our Halloween pics. We had such a fun holiday, I LOVE doing fun things with the kids and starting traditions with them. This year I let Skylar choose her costume and she chose (huge surprise :) Cinderella, and Kendall was a cute little ladybug. We had a great day full of ghost pancakes for breakfast, pizza mummies for lunch, and of course trick-or-treating that night. Halloween is rapidly becoming one of my favorite holidays!:)


We're Alive!!

I can't believe its been a whole month since a post!! Seriously, where does the time go?? I have so much to post about, girls trip to St. George, Halloween and all the fun activities that go with it, but we have been SO busy. This past Wednesday was our Young Women in Excellence program ( I am 2nd Counselor) and it was so wonderful...and so time consuming! :) I am relieved it is over, but am so grateful for the opportunity to serve, I am positive I am benefitting from it much more than my girls. The big news at our house is that I am 14 weeks along, and in a week and a half we will find out if its Baby Riley (girl) or Baby Boy (have NO boy names, would love suggestions :) The only name I have that I LOVE Paul thinks is silly because there is a singer by the same name, Jack. You know Jack Johnson. What do you think, too weird? I still like it, but Paul would have to be convinced :) Anyway that is what is going on in our lives, as soon as our internet is up and running (I promise Nate, its not your fault :) I will post some pics, my girls were darling at Halloween!!