Easter Egg Hunt...for our lunch!!

Usually when I find really great ideas on other blogs, I use that idea for inspiration and adapt the activity or craft to something that works for my family.

When the idea is simply FANTASTIC all on its own...I just completely copy it :) Giving ALL the credit where it's due of course! :)

Brandy blogs over at one of my absolute favorite blogs, Gluesticks. She has SO many wonderful treats, crafts, and activities for her little ones. I always leave reading her blog inspired to be a better mom and treasure every day with my little family. She did THE cutest activity with her kids that I KNEW we would have to recreate at our house. So today when the littles were ready to eat they went on their very own...

Easter Egg Hunt...for their lunch! :)

I loved this idea the minute I saw it! You see...at least once a week we have muffin tin lunches. I just fill up each slot of the muffin tin with lots of different lunch food cut up into bite-size pieces. This was a great seasonal take on something we always do anyways. Plus...I usually do it on Mondays. Every Tuesday morning I do my grocery shopping, so I like to use up odds and ends on Monday when we do our Muffin Tin lunches :)

The only differene this week was I filled up all these cute Easter Eggs with the kids' lunches. Then I hid them around the living room and kitchen...and the kids had to hunt for their lunches :)

Once they found all the eggs the kids got to open them up to reveal their yummy lunches!

I love how excited Kendall was about her string cheese :)

I am so glad people blog about their wonderful ideas!

This was a quick, simple way to make our Monday a little more special. Monday is my planning day of the week, so we don't usually do much besides chores, errands, and planning! As Kendall was eating she said "This is the best day ever!!"

So if you are dreading making ONE more PB&J or one more pot of Mac and Cheese...switch it up a little bit and surprise your kids with these great Easter activity!