One of our favorite St. Patrick's Day traditions...Leprechaun Dust!

I shared this idea a few years ago and thought I would update it with a fun new printable so you can do it in your family too!!

One of my kids MOST favorite things on St. Patrick's Day is when that sneaky little Leprechaun comes to wreak havoc...and always leaves behind a special treat to make it up to us :) Usually at the end of a trail of green footprints or a trail of shamrocks they each find their very own container of Leprechaun Dust!
What is Leprechaun Dust you ask?! Simply put half a small package of pistachio pudding in a mason jar with this cute tag attached.

Then add one cup of milk to each jar and let the kids go crazy shaking it! Once it has set up they have their very own yummy Leprechaun Dust treat :)

I would show you a picture of ours...but to do that I would have actually had them put together. And since it is not 11 pm the night before St. Patrick's Day...you can bet pretty much nothing is put together :)

Thanks so much for reading and stopping by today, have a wonderful day!!



Yay! I am excited! I bought pudding like 4 weeks ago! Too bad I don't have a color printer to print your cute tag. I have to go black & white.

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com

Such a cute idea! Cant wait til my little ones are older so I do all this fun stuff :)