April Fools Day Breakfast

This year, my oldest daughter has been talking NON-STOP about April Fool's Day! She keeps trying to come up with little tricks we can play on Daddy...she has come up with some pretty good ones :) I knew if I didn't do anything to make the day fun she might be a little disappointed, so I threw together this little joke to brighten my kids' day.

I actually got this idea at Christmas time when I saw ALL the Elf on the Shelp ideas floating around Pinterest. I just LOVED the elf donuts they made out of Cheerios...and promised myself I would remember it for April Fool's Day!

I am SO excited for Sunday morning so I can present my kids with their sweet, delicious, mouth-watering breakfast!! :)

To make this for your kids all you need are some Cheerios, frosting, little sprinkles and a toothpick box.

I just (pain-stakingly!) frosted each Cheerio and then topped with sprinkles. Then I painted the outside of a toothpick box blue and our April Fool's Day breakfast is ready to go!

And don't worry...just in case my kids don't think its QUITE as funny as I do...I will have a half-dozen Krispy Kreme's hiding in the pantry ;)

I would LOVE to know what fun, (relatively) nice pranks you do in your family for April Fool's Day! Share away and have a great day!

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Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

What a great and simple, fun idea! My daughter would LOVE it. :)


My family has never participated in April fool's pranks, but I sure enjoy hearing about other peoples espcapades. :D


Oh my cuteness! My mom-in-law has passed on the tradition of serving 'bacon' aka dog begging strips with breakfast. These 'donuts' are perfect to change things up a bit. Looks like the joke's on her this year. Yes!!!


Oh, that's such a cute idea! The perfect little joke! Hope your kids love it!

Mindie Hilton

I just shared this post today

so yes as someone who is addicted to miniatures I think you just kicked but for April fools. These are so cute and creative.

Melissa @ LoveBugLiving

How cute! My kids would think it was funny, but would definitely want to know where the real things are!

Yoli N.

That is pretty funnny! You have to let us know their reaction! (new follower of Google Friends)

Bonnie @ Uncommon

this is precious!! love how tiny it is!! featuring this today on our Facebook page! ;)


Bonnie @ Uncommon


Adorable idea! I completely forgot about April Fool's day. I just might borrow your idea:P

Mindie Hilton

Featuring on Thursday at Bacon Time!


We made these at Christmas to leave for the elves. (they need treats too) How clever to make them for April Fools day! I bet your kiddos loved them. Thanks for sharing with us at Link it Up Thursday.


Cute! Featuring YOU today! Thank you so much for linking up to {wow me} wednesday last week. :)

Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


lee woo

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool. See the link below for more info.