An oldie but a goodie...:)

Happy happy Monday everyone!! :)

I wanted to RE-share a really great FHE we did last year (and the year before that ;) about rainbows. I LOVE this family home evening, and always look forward to it. Please feel free to check it out HERE.

Posts will probably be few and far between this week. I have reached a breaking point with my house :) You know when your house is SO unorganized that even when you clean it just feels pointless?! You know nothing has its right place so its all going to be messed up in a matter of minutes anyways? I am so there. BUT...I already spent all weekend and today and finished the kitchen, living room, coat closet and girls bedroom! I KNOW I can finish by the end of the week...I just don't think I will get much else done ;)

Hope you are all having a fantastic day, and thanks so much for stopping by today!


Love Sweet Love

Tonii your blog looks FANTASTIC!!! I'll be getting mine made over here in the next month or so and I can't wait for a new look. We have our bi-annual housing inspections this week (oh the joys of renting!) and they are super serious about having every nook and cranny inside and outside the house sparkling clean so I have been blog absent for the same reason! I have to say though...I secretly love a good reason to deep clean and organize because my crazy OCDness thrives off having a clean, organized space! Can't wait for more awesome ideas!!
Also I've been meaning to email you for weeks now (but I'm just so far behind on emails now that I'm just deleting them all and am going to try and keep up from here on out!!) to tell you that YES I still do want to blog swap with you-maybe sometime in April because this month is just crazy for me-and I live in Logan so we should SO get together sometime because you aren't too too far away from me!!

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Yep, I know the feeling! I feel like my home is always in a state of chaos. My parents just returned from visiting my uncle in Ecuador & were talking about how inexpensive everything is done there including his maid, Olga. I need me an Olga!