Follow the Prophet Family Home Evening

Hey everyone! Happy Monday to you :)

We did a very simple and short family home evening tonight using ideas from one of my new FAVORITE blogs. I wanted to get the kids excited for conference by talking about our prophet and the First Presidency. To get things started, I held up this picture:

The kids all yelled out who he was and we talked about how in the next few weeks we were going to have the opportunity to listen to him speak to us. We talked about what a prophet is, and I especially wanted to focus on the fact that the kids need to get their own testimony that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and the man Heavenly Father wants guiding His church on the earth. I encouraged them to pray to Heavenly Father, asking Him to let them know that he IS the true prophet. I always want my children to know that they don't just have to believe something because I tell them so...they can go to their Heavenly Father and receive their OWN personal confirmations.

Once the kids started getting restless (about 5 minutes into it ;) we each took turns playing "Follow the Prophet". This was JUST like Follow the Leader, but whoever was the leader had the picture of President Monson on their shirt. We would all then follow them while we sang a verse of Follow the Prophet. The kids LOVED this, and although it got a little rowdy, it was still lots of fun :)

Finally we played this matching game I found HERE. My kids adore matching games and it was fun to review the members of the First Presidency and some of their favorite hobbies. My kids really enjoyed this...especially Skylar. She can't stop talking about how President Eyring loves to paint...she does too!! :)

All in all...a great family night that got the kids (and myself!) excited to listen to our prophet! Oh yeah...we also had chocolate pudding pie for dessert. I read that chocolate and pie are two of President Monson's favorite treats :)

Have a wonderful night everyone, I will be back this week with some fun stuff for conference and great Spring Weather activities for the kids. Thanks so much for stopping by!


The Harding Family

I think I might do this lesson next week!! Sounds super fun, great job Tonii!! :O)

Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

Maybe your calling was to be a teacher Tonii! So many great ideas of making education fun.

Jocelyn Christensen

Hey Cool, I'm glad your kids enjoyed the matching game we made! Thanks for the link!