Getting excited for conference!

I posted this idea several years ago and it always gets a ton of views every fall and spring :) I thought I would update it since I have had several emails saying people couldn't figure out the printable.

Here is one way I get my kids excited about General Conference in the spring! :)

This also makes a great handout for Primary, Young Women's, or your sisters you visit teach.

Feel free to grab the printable and make a few of your own!!

All you need are a few Otter Pops (or whatever brand they sell at Wal-Mart...I like them much better ;) and you have yourself a fun little way to get the kids in your life excited about General Conference.
There you have it! Pretty simple stuff, right?! :)
Thanks for stopping by today, and have a great week! :)



So cute! I am getting my Conference buckets put together now, so I can have everything ready to go! Thanks for sharing this!



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