Birthday Breakfast...Angry Birds Battle for Breakfast!

THIS little guy turned 4 last week!

How cute is he?!

As per family tradition I planned a fun birthday breakfast for him.  One of Brittons favorite things to do is play Angry Birds on my phone, so picking out the theme of his breakfast was pretty simple ;)

Of course, we had to have a fun activity to go with it, so we came up with the Angry Birds Battle for Breakfast!

This was what Britton woke up to on the morning of his birthday.  I always have the table set and all the yummy breakfast food out.  I bought lanterns at our local party store and then printed of the birds face templates HERE to make our very own Angry Birds.  Britton really loved them...in fact they are still hanging up today ;)

This time though, when Britton came down to eat....there was NO FOOD!!  

After closer inspection, we found this note from the Pigs!

So to get his yummy Birthday Breakfast, Britton was going to have to use his Angry Birds to Battle for Breakfast!

Over in the corner King Pig had all of our breakfast hostage, and Britton was going to have to battle to get them back.

I found these pig paper plates and on the back of each I wrote one breakfast item like muffins, chocolate milk, cereal, yogurt, etc.

Then I taped them up on the sliding glass door, gave Britton his favorite Angry Bird and sling, and let him go at it!  Every time he hit a pig we would take it off the window, and he could choose that item from the basket to eat.

By the time he was done he and his Angry Bird had won the Battle for Breakfast!!

Not only did my guy get a yummy breakfast, but he had a LOT of fun getting it too :)

I love my sweet little guy, and I hope he loved his Angry Birds Breakfast too :)  If you want some more  Birthday Breakfast inspiration check out our Build-Your-Own Breakfast Sundaes and stay tuned for more fun ideas...its birthday month at our house!!


Plant and Flower Week at the Tulip Festival

 Every year our family treks out to Thanksgiving Point and goes to the Tulip Festival at the end of April.  I always try to plan it so we go the week we are learning about plants and flowers...it is a great way for the kids to see up close and enjoy all the things we have been learning about all week long.    

We went last night and had a fantastic time!  You never know what kind of weather you will have in April, so we were thrilled we just needed warm jackets and that SO many beautiful flowers were in bloom.

The first thing we do when we get there?  I always make my kids take a picture at the top of this beautiful hill :)

I bet you can guess what they always do next....;)

Then comes the fun of walking back UP the huge hill :)

Once we are done with the hill we are off to explore all the beautiful flowers and gardens.

Isn't it such a gorgeous place??

These two cuties were there too...they just were lucky enough to have daddy push them around the whole time!

We had a great time enjoying the beauty of Thanksgiving Point, and picking out which were our FAVORITE tulips!  These pretty pink ones were mine...

Thanks so much for visiting today!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


Power of Prayer Family Home Evening {The Prophet Enos}

Tonight's Family Home Evening was short and sweet...but so important!  

Tonight we talked with our children about the power and importance of prayer, teaching them the story of the Prophet Enos and what he teaches us about prayer.  We read about him from the Book of Mormon Stories and then discussed one of my favorite newly-discovered quotes (you know I had to make a printable!;)

This quote from Corrie Ten Boom has really impacted me lately, and the way I pray.  I explained to my kids what a steering wheel is for, and what a spare tire is for.  I asked them whether we pray to our Heavenly Father ALL the time, so we can have his guidance in our lives, when things are good AND bad...or do we only pray to Him when we need something, like when we would use a spare tire.  That thought has hit me lately as well...am I trusting Heavenly Father to lead and guide my life...or do I forget about Him and praying to Him until I am in a moment of need?

We talked about how important it is to remember to pray not only when things are tough...but also when things are GOOD!!  We also talked about how our prayers need to be meaningful...not just the same repeated prayers over and over.  To help with that I thought it would be fun to have the kids list a few things that they want to thank Heavenly Father for, or things that they feel they need to ask Him for.

I found these buckets I had in my basement and filled them with rice.  Then I got out some chalk and these fun little chalkboards on sticks and we took turns listing things we want to be better about including in our prayers.

Once we came up with our items we put our buckets up on our mantle so we can remember throughout the week to try and make our prayers more meaningful and more full of gratitude.

We closed by each sharing an experience where we KNEW and FELT that Heavenly Father had heard our prayers and answered them.  It was so wonderful to hear my children's sweet and tender experiences with prayer already, and it encouraged me to be more vigilant and genuine in my own personal prayers.  I say it often, but I feel like these kids are teaching me so much more than I could ever teach them!

Painted Bread Flowers

 Happy Monday friends!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)  We are kicking off our Spring and Plant Week today, and we are excited!  I didn't actually have anything planned for today, but when the kids started whining about being bored I threw this together.  They loved it, and I actually had a lot of fun too ;)

Painted Bread Flowers!

I had pinned this awesome idea forever ago from Share and Remember, and have been waiting for the perfect day to use it...today was that day!

All you need to make your own Painted Bread Flowers are slices of bread, milk, food coloring and a flower cookie cutter.

I used the Neon Food Coloring and just did 2-3 drops in each cup of milk and had the kids stir them up.

Once you have your "paint" ready to go, hand your kids a paintbrush and let them paint away.  We only eat wheat bread so that was what we used, but the colors would be even brighter if you had white bread on hand!

The kids thought it was SO silly that we were painting bread...with MILK!  They loved seeing the different colors show up on the bread and see what designs they could make.

And this little one?  I just gave her a cup of water to paint her bread and she was none the wiser ;)

I even got in on the fun too ;)

Britton was especially proud of his creation. 

After they were all done painting we just toasted the slices for a few minutes to make one side crisp enough to use a cookie cutter on.

 Not only was this a fun activity, but the kids loved eating their Painted Bread Flowers too!

This is a GREAT last minute activity, especially because you usually have all this stuff on hand!

Thanks so much for coming by today, we'll see you tomorrow with a new FHE and lots more plant and flower fun this week :)


"April Showers" Educational Spray Bottle Activity

Today I wanted to share with a super fun and simple activity I did with my kids today tying in Spring Weather and also letter recognition and math!  They had a blast, and we even learned and reviewed some things too ;)

I got this AWESOME idea from my sister-in-law Crista.  She throws some amazing birthday parties, and at her last one she did a similar activity.  As soon as I saw how much fun the kids were having there I knew it was something I wanted to do with my kiddos at home...with an educational spin!

This is our April Showers Educational Spray Bottle Activity!!

All you need to do this at your house is a cheap plastic shower curtain liner, some washable markers and spray bottles filled with water.  I used duct tape to stick the shower liner up over the tub so the water could run down without making a mess.  Of course, if it nice weather where you are at, this would be really fun to do outside too!

Then I took the washable markers and wrote different things on the liner.  For my kindergartener I wrote different numbers.  Then I would call out a math problem and she would squirt the answer with the water bottle until it washed away.  It was such a fun way to test her on basic math skills while having fun too!

For my little pre-schooler I wrote different letters he has been learning and when I called out a letter he would shoot away!  They loved watching the letters disappear, and what kid doesn't love to spray a spray bottle?!

And this is where I found Avrie while we were having fun...playing in the shower with marker all over her face :)  NEVER a dull moment with that one ;)

Try out this quick and fun activity with your kids, they will love you for it! ;)  Have a wonderful, springy day everyone!!

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