February Service Project!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I'm so excited about our Family Home Evening tonight I thought I would share it today in case anyone was looking for some last minute ideas.

Remember a few months ago I started trying to implement doing a service project the first Monday of every month? Yeah...we missed a few Monday's :) BUT!! We are going back at it again today and I cannot wait. So here is our simple family service project we are doing tonight.

There are so many wonderful people that serve in churches everywhere. Some of the most special ones I believe, are those that serve in our Nursery Classes. I never understood how important being a nursery worker was until I sent my own kids to nursery. These children are SO young, but they CAN feel the spirit. They can feel love. They can work on things they are learning at home like sharing, being kind to others, sitting quietly, and listening.

This is not always an easy calling :) It is definitely rewarding, but can be a sacrifice. I am SO grateful for wonderful nursery leaders that go the extra mile in their callings. When my little 2 year old boy comes out of nursery and yells "I had fun in class!! And Jesus loves me!!" (happened on Sunday :) I know he is being taught by someone that truly understands the importance of their calling.

For our service project today we are attempting to serve the Nursery Leaders in our ward.

I know this time of year is FULL of sickness, and there are always little kids with lots of germs in those nurseries. Tonight we are going to the church with out Lysol and Chlorox wipes...and getting to work!! We are going to deep-clean every toy in those rooms, something that doesn't get done NEAR often enough :) I think it will be a great project that my entire family can work together at.

After we finish our work in the nursery, we made some little Thank You gifts to take to the nursery leaders in our ward. All you need to make these are mini-powdered donuts, container, and printable! :)

First I put a bunch of donuts in a little clear cylinder I had saved from somthing or other. Love when my hanging on to random packaging actually comes in handy! :)

Then I added a little thank you printable I made up with a little ribbon

And you have yourself a cute Thank You gift for nursery leaders! They deserve much more, but at least they will know we recognize and appreciate all their hard work.

And if you are at all are the 2 different printables I made.

My children are the most precious things in the world to me, I hope I can be better at showing my gratitude and serving those that so selflessly serve them.

Hope you have a wonderful family home evening tonight!


Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

What a terrific way to thank individuals that often get forgotten!! Love the whole packagine and tag and everything. Have fun cleaning!


Love it. You're not only serving your nursery leaders but all the families in your ward with nursery aged children. I also love your idea of doing a service project FHE the 1St Monday of the month.

Michelle Paige

Such a great idea AND love the thank you gift!


I LOVE this idea! I have got to pass it along to our Primary Presidency, they would adore this printout! You are so sweet to share this!


What a fun idea! I had to substitute in the Nursery a couple months ago and by the end of church I had determined the Nursery Leaders have one of the most difficult jobs out there! My little girl will be old enough to attend nursery next week and I can't tell you how wonderful it will be to finally be able to open my scriptures and pay attention in class. :) I am pinning this fabulous idea and can't wait to use it.


I am so inspired!!!!
I am going to make these this weekend!
My son graduates from the preschool class to the kindergarten class on Sunday and I am giving this to his teachers!

I featured you on my blog today…

Blessings to you!!


I made these for my son's teacher this weekend. I totally forgot to take a picture of how mine turned out (fail!). But I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration and wish you a happy & blessed week!