Christmas Tree Family Home Evening

We had a really simple, fun family home evening last night that was a good way to get my kids into the spirit of Christmas and especially the spirit of giving this holiday season. Also we are learning all about Christmas Trees this week so it worked out perfectly!

Our lesson was based on the book "Why Christmas Trees Aren't Perfect." I found a link online where you can view most of the story if you can't make it to the library.

I absolutely love this book. It talks about the evergreen trees in the Royal Forest, and how each hopes to be the most perfect tree so they will be picked by the queen. Small Pine is the most perfect of all, until she gives of herself so animals of the forest will have protection, shelter, and food. Even though she is no longer perfect the queen chooses Small Pine to come to the castle, because "living for the sake of others makes us most beautiful in the eyes of God."

The message this story shares was a great one for our family. This is a season for giving to others that have little, while we truly have so very much. I also love teaching my children that our Heavenly Father cares more about our hearts then what we look like on the outside. My husband made a great point as well: sometimes the best gifts we can give are not things. Sometimes what someone desperately needs is simply a friend to talk to, a way to not feel so alone, or to hear your testimony.

After we finished our lesson we did a fun activity that I saw years ago in a Family Fun magazine. All you need for this are some ornaments made out of paper ( I cut mine with my Silhouette and put double-sided tape on the back)

And some green and red crepe paper. We didn't end up using the red but it would be cute for next time.

Once you have your supplies ready to go you get to decorate your very own Christmas Trees :) We just wrapped the crepe paper around the kids and my husband (he really is such a great sport) and tried to have them hold their arms out a little to make a tree shape. Once the crepe paper was up we all took turns sticking on different ornaments.

I had originally just planned to make my husband be the tree, but the kids thought it was so much fun they all wanted to get in on it too!

Short and simple, just the way FHE needs to be with 4 kids 6 and under :)

Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope you found something you liked or that gave you some great ideas of your own. Please share if you have any favorite holiday family home evenings in your family, and stay tuned for a great service project we will be doing next week, fun Christmas Tree crafts and treats, and the Symbols of Christmas. Have a great day!!



I really love this idea! You always have the best ideas for fun family activities! I have so much to learn. :)


Thankyou for sharing this! I was looking for ideas for an extended FHE that's focused on giving but also fun and engaging for young kids, and this has been really helpful!


Thank you so much for sharing! My family will love this!

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