Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Yep...its as yummy as it sounds :)
Sad for us here in Utah, but the weather is a-changing! Today it was in the 40's, which only means one things. Hot Chocolate Time! And since I am clinging to fall with everything I've got, I wanted to add some yummy fall flavors.
This is easy. Like...ridiculously easy. No gourmet recipe here, all you need is milk, pumpkin pie spice, hot chocolate packets, nutmeg, and whipped cream. I poured a packet of hot chocolate mix in my mug and then sprinkled in a few shakes of Pumpkin Pie Spice. Then once I warmed my milk I poured it in my mug and stirred very well.

Then I topped it all off with lots of whipped cream and a shake or two of nutmeg. It was amazing!

For the kids I added these humongous marshmallow pumpkins. Well...they are supposed to be pumpkins, but my kids didn't believe me :)

This was a fun treat to have when my kids got home from school, it would also be great to have after getting back from a pumpkin patch or trick-or-treating! Thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful day!!



Yes, that does sound easy AND looks delicious! I am a hot chocolate fan for sure. This is something I've got to try. Thanks Tonii!

Lolly Jane

man alive that looks YUMMY. i was JUST complaining to my husband how i hate the cold [lol, here in az cold means under 90] and that i'm ready for hot chocolate.

oh utah, how i love thee but wish it didn't snow so i could live there [my hubby's from centerville and all his fam is still there] ;)