Burying our weapons Family Home Evening

We had a really great Family Home Evening tonight learning all about the people of Ammon, or the Anti-Nephi-Lehies and relating their experiences to something we could do in our own lives.  I love this story from the Book of Mormon and after teaching the lesson to my primary class a few weeks ago, and then reading it in our family scripture study Paul and I felt like it had the makings of a great FHE ;)

First up we re-read the story of the people of Ammon to the kids.  We focused on how when they joined the church of Christ, they were completely changed.  So much in fact, they even changed their names, so they could be set apart from the other Lamanites.  We taught the kids how the Anti-Nephi-Lehies promised Heavenly Father that they would never shed blood again, and buried all of their weapons of war so they would never be used again.  They made a covenant with Heavenly Father, and even when they were being attacked by the wicked Lamanites, they would not break their promises.

Then I asked the kids what the opposite of war was.  They weren't sure, so we discussed that the opposite of war is peace.  I asked if we had wars in our house...they all yelled "NOOO!!"  Then we talked about how we may not have physical wars in our home, but we do have situations that keep us from having true peace.  And we all have different "weapons" that we sometimes make mistakes and use to keep peace from being in our  home.  

I asked the kids if they could think of anything that they struggle with that brings contention in our home.  I was surprised they each came up with a "weapon" rather quickly ;)  As they told us what they were, Paul wrote each one down on swords I had made for the kids out of cardboard, covered in tin foil and painted yellow :)

Britton said his weapon was punching others, Kendall's was being mean to Skylar, and Skylar's was hitting.  Once we wrote these down on the swords I asked the kids if they would be willing to bury their weapons just as the Anti-Nephi-Lehies did? Would they be willing to "bury" these behaviors that keep real peace from being in our home?

Luckily for me, they all yelled out "YES!!!" ;)

We went into our lovely, unfinished back yard and the kids got to work (with Paul's help) digging a hole to bury their weapons in.

Once they were done each child took a turn throwing their sword down into the hole.  Paul and I did this part too...we definitely have some things we could work on as well ;)

Then they all got little shovels and covered up their weapons, promising to be a little bit better.

The funny thing about this FHE was that it probably helped me more than my kids! ;)  I LOVED the visual of burying my OWN personal weapons that I use against my family to have peace and love in my home. I hope this will be something we can all remember as we strive to become just a little bit better and show a little more love to one another.  

Thanks so much for stopping by Blue Skies Ahead, keep coming back this week for some fun Outer-Space activities and maybe even a craft or two ;)


The Harding Family

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The Halls

Wow you are seriously amazing! I love all your ideas your such an inspiration!!


Wow! Great FHE. I'm totally doing this with my boys.

Homemaker is not a "dirty" word

Thank you so much for sharing this FHE. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and knew that it was just what my family needed!


Thanks for sharing this idea. My kids are a little older, but you have given me some great ideas. Thanks again:)


This is awesome! Thanks

Sarah Keith

I love this...we are doing it tonight. Thank you for simple, yet so effective...exactly what I need.


Thanks for sharing your idea!!

K Walton

Fantastic idea! I will be doing this next Monday for sure!