This is just too cute (if I do say so myself!:)

Last week I got together with one of my most favorite people, "Aunt Lisa"! I love her to pieces, and its actually funny, while she really is my aunt, we are only a little over a year apart in age. She feels much more like a sister to me :)

She is one of the craftiest people I know, and she did it again, and invited me to come over and make one of her newest crafts. You may have seen these around, they are advent calendars made out of 24 ct muffin tins! I absolutely love the idea of these! You cover the tins with individual square magnets that you decorate with scrapbook paper and embellishements and of course the numbers to represent the different days. The thing I love most about this is that I can just make magnest for all the different holidays and keep it up all year round. I still have to do the numbers, but I couldn't wait to post this in case anyone else wants to make one :)

Without any further ado...

Now I need to start making some for all of the other holidays...:)



That's very cool! I've never seen that would be awesome for a Super Saturday!


That is so cute. let's have a craft night and make one.

Cory and Krista

So cute! I love it!

Lisa Kay

Thank you for the nice compliments!! You are so cute! I had way too much fun making these with you and we must craft again soon! Like, next week!! Love ya little niece:)LOL


It turned out absolutely ADORABLE. You've inspired me to finish my Christmas one that I started last December. :)


Lead me guide me! I want to learn! Teach me PLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSEE!

The Johnson Family of Colorado


That is so clever. :) It makes me want to be a young mom all over again.

Aunt Susan (your other favorite Aunt) wink


Thats such a cute idea! :)


This is a great idea! I love the cute paper! It doesn't even look like a muffin tin!


That is a great idea! I'm going to have to make one for Christmas. Thanks and cute blog BTW!