The urge to craft...

It feels like it has been SO long since I have done something even somewhat crafty! I decided to take some of my LOADS of fabric and make something cute for the girls for Valentine's Day. Now seriously people, these were so simple its almost silly but I think they turned out cute and only took me about 30 minutes :)
This is all you need to get started: yo-yo maker, thread, needle and scissors! Throw in some cute fabric and some plain shirts and you are all set!

I simply made a bunch of the smaller yo-yo's and hand-sewed them around the neckline of one shirt and as a little corsage on the other. I am making headbands and clips to match for my little sweethearts on Valentine's Day :)

It feels so good to make something again and get those creative juices flowing!!


The Fullers

Those are sooo cute! Where do you find a yoyo maker at?


I was totally going to ask the same thing. I've made yoyos before but just by hand and they can be a pain! Where did you get your yoyo maker?

And I would totally wear one of those shirts! :)


Thanks ladies!! I got my yo-yo makers at Joanns, they come in all different sizes and even have them in different shapes like oval, heart, flower, etc!! I LOVE mine :)