I think its going to be a long day

Britton was up all night with a bad fever and cough. We are trying to get Kendall off of Pull-Ups and that is not going so great either. Today is going to be full of sick kids, washing all the bedding, cleaning my messy house and trying to battle this constant headache I have had for the last two weeks. SO....just to cheer myself up a little bit (and anyone else that may be having a less than stellar day!:) here are some pics I just love that remind me why I do what I do every single day...and I would never trade it! :)


Hollie Hanson

Oh sister I am with ya on the long day! I'm finally caving and taking Lils to the doctor this morning :( and I've got the same headache. Lol call me if you need a break to regain sanity! :)


I'm sorry, I hope your bad days are over for a while. Those are some dang cute kids you have there.