Do you buy out of season??

I used to really struggle with this concept...buying things almost a year before I would actually use them! However, I have seen the light (and the proof in my receipts!;) and am now a HUGE believer in buying things out of season when they are at their lowest price. The only thing about doing this is you HAVE to be organized...otherwise you forget you bought stuff the year before and end up buying more stuff, or not realizing you have things til the kids have outgrown them or they have gone bad. Yes, I have learned from experience :) So as long as you organize it as you go and keep a good tab on what you have on hand, I think buying out of season when prices are at their lowest is the way to go! Here is an example of what I was able to get today for my kids Valentines festivities next year at Walgreens and Target:
2 Monster Charmers (singing monster dolls) Regularly $9.99 each - Paid $.99 each
4 boxes of valentine cardes Regularly $2.50 each - Paid $.25 each
4 Valentine key chain holders that sing :) Regularly $2.00 each - Paid $.50 each
4 Jumbo pencils Regularly $1.00 each - Paid $.25 each
4 Sticker books Regularly $2.00 each - Paid $.50 each
4 Puzzles Regularly $0.50 each - Paid $.12 each
3 packs of sugarfree gum (for easter baskets) Regularly $1.79 each - Paid $.32 each
SOOOOOO.....a grand total of....
$9.50 + tax!! (Don't try the math at home...I am rounding ;)
Not too shabby considering retail value would have been in the neighborhood of $53.00!!
It feels good to know if life is crazy and hectic next year, as it inevitably will be, that I will be able to run down to my stash and throw together a fun Valentines for my kids and be able to spend my time enjoying them! So now I want to know, do you buy out of season???