Cutting the Chaos in the playroom!! (At least a little bit)

Does anyone else have a playroom that gets looking like this?? (Please tell me I'm not the only one!:) My favorite thing about the home we are in now is that my kids have a playroom, but man, it is always such a mess!
One of my biggest pet peeves is having the toys stuffed away in a drawer somewhere. The kids forget they even have them, and if they do happen to remember they have to dump out the entire drawer to even be able to play with them.

This was the case with all of our Princess Barbie dolls. My girls LOVED playing with them when they got them, but really haven't done much with them since. I thought of a great way that would take up less room, and also make them visible to the kids so they could actually remember they had them :)
Introducing....the clear plastic shoe organizer!! I have several of these in my home in different closests and realized it would be the perfect size for Barbie Dolls. Now my girls can open the closet and see each doll and easily choose one to play with. Since I have done this they have been playing with these nonstop...so I think it worked ;)

And just so I'm not totally embarrased, here is the after shot of the playroom...we are not total slobs :) Have a great week everyone, I would love to hear some of your great playroom organizing tips!!



That's such a great idea. With 9 children we have a ton of toys. So I have been looking for organizing ideas. Thank you for sharing this today!


Wow shawnee...9 kids!! I bet I could use lots of tips from you! Thanks for your sweet comment and for stopping by :)