Homemade autograph books for Disneyland!!

We are so excited to be planning a little getaway to visit my mom in California next week. We have to hurry and go while I am still feeling good and able to get around. Since I am already almost 27 weeks, that means we have to go NOW! :) We decided since were out there to take the kids to spend a couple of days at Disneyland. Now since this was kind of last minute we are trying to do it as cheaply as possible, and one thing I thought I could easily duplicate would be those darned autograph books my kids love so much! If I remember corrrectly they are anywhere between $10 and $15, that gets a little pricey with three kiddos! So, using items I already had laying around the house I came up with our own that my kids are absolutely crazy about!
First I had 3 of those plastic 4x6 picture-holder-books-things :) I decided to just stick a 4x6 index card on the left of every page and then on the right we will slide in the pictures of the kids with that character after we print them off.
Then I simply used scrapbook paper that I already had and printed out pictures of the kids favorite Disney characters and "Autograph Book".
Here is Brittons:

Here is Kendall's:

And here is Skylar's:

These were SO easy to make, all together they took me about 45 minutes. The kids love that they are a little bit more personalized with THEIR favorite characters, and I love that they were FREE! :)



Such a cute IDEA!!! You are always so creative! We are going next spring, this would be great addition to our little trip, Thanks! How bout that lunch?


so cute and I can't believe you are already 27 weeks! has it gone fast for you?

Lyndee W.

That is an adorable idea! When we go again I am soooo doing this! you're so crafty. you make me jealous.