Cutting the Chaos...its back!!

Ok, its been a while, but we are back!! I can't guarantee I will be posting a Cutting the Chaos post every week, but I'm going to do my best!!
One of the things we focused on in our Family Home Evening last night was making the Sabbath Day in our home more holy. I have been excited to put in place an idea I have had for quite a while....introducing the Sunday Bucket!!!
This bucket is full of activities my kids can do on Sundays. We ONLY pull out this bucket on Sunday, and I really think that helps keep it special and something to look forward too. I am always on the look out for things to add to the bucket, but some of its contents right now are:
Coloring books of the bible with crayons
The Primary Songbook CD
A binder with all the Gospel Art kit pictures in it
A Noah's Ark matching game
Book of Mormon floor puzzle/book
Pictures I printed from The Friend to color
Latest issues of the Friend magazine
Book of Mormon Bingo
Articles of Faith game
LOTS of book about Bible stories and Jesus
Book of Mormon Eye Spy Game
Sunday Quiet Book
and so much more!! :)
Many of these things I have gotten for SUPER cheap at Seagul Book in their clearance section. Other things I have gotten at the Distribution center and some I have made myself.

To go along with our Sunday Bucket I also made a little CTR jar for our family...always reminding us to Choose the Right to keep the Sabbath Day Holy. In this jar I put different ideas for activities we can do on Sunday. Each week the kids pick one out and that is what we do. I love doing this because the kids get SO excited to see what they will pick, and it also ensures that we don't end up doing the same activities and have the kids get sick of them.

Here is a list of some of the activities in the jar:

Go for a Walk (weather permitting:)

Act out favorite Scripture Story

Color a Sunday Picture for Grandparents

Play Sunday Games on the computer

Listen to our favorite Primary Songs

Pick a game from the Sunday Bucket

Play with Sunday Quiet Book

Watch a Sunday Movie (The Testaments, etc)

There are many more things, these are just a few. I have been thrilled with the Spirit that has been in our home that last few Sundays. Of course it is not perfect, but it does feel like a different day, just as it should. Cutting the Chaos and making Sunday's a more holy day in our home has been a huge blessing....what do you do with your young ones on Sunday's??



oh my heck that is the cuties idea. I LOVE IT!

Cara and Mike

I LOVE this. And yes.. I will be making one! :) Thank you so much for the idea!


Super duper idea! I have needed a way to try and make Sunday more special for a long time. This idea is fantastic! Thank you for sharing it! (your kids are DARLING!)

Sisters' Stuff

Thanks for sharing. I want to make one of these too.


i followed over from sisters' stuff, not LDS, but love this idea and went right out to start collecting books and card games for my bucket


just found this post from sugardoodle .. i LOVE this idea!! we've been working on changing our Sundays & i think this will help out aLOT! thank you!


I say this on Sugardoodle, and love this idea! My kids are a bit older but can still benefit from this bucket and I know will help them focus on what is more important! Thank you for the reminder!