Kinecting as a family :)

Paul nagged and nagged me to get the Xbox Kinect for Christmas...obviously I gave in and we have LOVED it!! It is so fun to have something we can all do together as a family...I think bowling and dancing are our favorites. Even Britton gets in on the action :) Here is what we did last Friday night:

Skylar rocking out to Lady Gaga....the girl's got moves I tell ya! :)

Believe it or not...Paul actually has moves too :)

Kendall LOVES the dancing game, as in screams her head off when we make her stop. But you could never guess that from this sweet face.

Good form!

Oh yeah, another strike baby!! (Okay, it was probably a gutter ball!)

So if you're every bored and don't want to go to the club or the bowling alley, just call the Johnson's and come on over!! :)



oh my gosh! Looks like a lot of fun! I love Paul's pic. too funny!

Hollie Hanson

Ok, first of all, you are TEENY! And I hate you now for that :) JK that looks so fun! I want to upgrade from the wii. Lol umm, please blow up the icture of Paul. Too funny!

Steven & Becky Heumann

I'm with Hollie! I had the exact same thought. Jerk...not only that but I'm sure it was a strike, maybe even a trukey! We need to go bowling again so all of you can laugh at my 2 diget score.