It's LOVE week! :)

I LOVE Valentines Day!! I think it is such a fun holiday to celebrate, so I have been looking forward to this week for a while :)

I found a wonderful Family Home Evening that I will post about soon, but in it you teach the kids 3 basic principles: To love the Lord, love your neighbors, and love your family. I thought this was a great thing to model our week of love around and here are some of the things I am planning!

This is the Johnson Family Wall of Love. We hang up these fun little decorations and everytime someone shows love to someone else we write down what they did on a heart and tape it up on the wall. It is a great way to make the kids more aware of showing each other and every one in our family a little more love. One tip: this is the 3rd year we have done this and last year I finally came up with the brilliant idea to cut a ton of hearts with my Cricut and laminate them. Now I have them for every year and I just write on them with a dry erase marker and then we can reuse them for next year!

Family Fun is THE place to go for adorable, easy valentines crafts, recipes and more!! We are going to make these simple valentines to take to all the kids friends. We are also going to be making sugar cookies and delivering them to our new neighbors. I think this will be a great way to teach the kids about loving our neighbors and a good way to get out and meet the people in the neighborhood.

I LOVE this little valentine card because no matter how young your kids are you can still have them participate! We are going to make these for all of the wonderful Grandma's and Grandpa's in our lives and deliver them with a special little treat.

We also make these treats every year. It is a nice break from all the sugar the kids will inevitable be getting in their valentines...and the kids love to help with the cookie cutters :)

HERE is a cute matching game you can print out on Family Fun that I have laminated that my kids really enjoy playing.

I hope you all have a fantastic week-before-valentines-day and that you are feeling the love in your sweet families!! :)