Top Ten Posts of 2013!!

Hello friends!  It is always SO fun to look back on the year and see what YOUR favorite posts were.  I am always a little surprised at what people look at most, but this year I was also thrilled.  I could not be more proud that FIVE of the top ten posts for Blue Skies Ahead were Family Home Evenings that we shared!  I love the idea that even one person is looking at this little blog and taking away something that could possibly help teach their children or strengthen your family just a little bit more.  

Without any further ado...I give you Blue Skies Ahead Top Ten Posts of 2013!!

Not only did the kids get to learn a wonderful scripture story about one of my heroes...but they got to make and shoot mini bow and arrows too :)

After having my 5th baby last March I once again was on a journey to get FIT!  These delicious muffins are healthy, filling, and the kids love them too.

Any fhe with a fun treat is sure to be a hit...this one also taught some wonderful lessons about the Prophet Joseph.

After talking about how courageous Nephi was in obtaining the brass plates, the kids got to complete their OWN Courage Obstacle Course.

Helping our kids remember ALL the things we can pray and thank our Heavenly Father for.

These valentines were quick, easy and perfect for boys OR girls!

Seriously...now I'm craving one!  These floats were kind of amazing :)

This project had a lot of bright, funky washi tape...need I say more?! ;)

This was a great way to do some Crazy Hair for any hair-challenged mom like myself ;)

And finally...

One of my kids favorite family nights to date, we learned all about Spiritual Crocodiles, and how to be on the lookout for them!

What a wonderful, blessed year we had.  Thank you so much for joining us on our journey to look for the good in everyday...I can't wait to see where 2014 takes us!!


Michelle Paige

You had some great posts in 2013! I loved your Kool valentines and the Crazy Hair day. All your family activity nights are so creative!