Nephi Gets the Brass Plates FHE

Happy Monday everyone!!  Tonight we continued our study of the Book of Mormon, learning all about Nephi and the Brass Plates.  I made up this fun printable with the lyrics from one of my favorite Primary songs.

We spent a lot of time talking about how Nephi needed a lot of courage to do the things Heavenly Father asked of him.  After reading the story from the Book of Mormon Stories, we did a really fun activity that let the kids get their wiggles out and reminded them of all the courageous things Nephi truly did.  

In our living room I set up a REALLY simple Obstacle Course that symbolized some of Nephi's courageous moments...and would be lots of fun for the kiddies :)

Nephi's first obstacle was obeying his father and returning to Jerusalem...after they had just traveled into the wilderness!!  For this obstacle I just taped a long piece of ribbon on the ground and kids had to pretend they were tight-rope walking on it.

After Nephi and his brothers tried to trade all their gold and silver for the Brass Plates, not only were all their riches stolen but they were chased out of the city and almost killed as well.  They had to hide in a cave, so for this obstacle the kids had to crawl through a tunnel that we had.

Nephi's brothers became so angry with him they began beating him with sticks.  With the help of an angel, Nephi was able to overcome their anger and eventually receive the Brass Plates.  This was the kids favorite obstacle...they got to go absolutely crazy trying to pop a balloon...it was hilarious to watch! ;) 

Finally, Nephi's hardest obstacle was to follow Heavenly Father's ultimate plan for him...even though at first he was scared and didn't think he could do it.  For this obstacle to represent always AIMING to follow Heavenly Father, the kids had 3 tries to shoot our Nerf Gun and hit the bulls-eye!

The loved their obstacle course, and it was a fun way to recognize all the different ways Nephi had to have courage.  

I personally loved the reminder that Heavenly Father will ALWAYS help us find a way to accomplish the things he asks of us.  Whether that be attending the temple more, being a more patient mother, or a kinder spouse, he will NEVER leave us as we strive to become more like Him.  

Thanks so much for stopping by Blue Skies Ahead today, I hope you are off to a wonderful week! :)


Aubrey Williams

This is wonderful! MY two children are 9 years apart so finding FHE lessons to keep them both engaged is hard sometimes, I cannot wait to use this! Thank you for sharing.