Simple and FUN Elf on the Shelf idea {PicMonkey}

 I'm curious...how do you feel about the Elf on the Shelf trend?

I personally love it.  We have never used our elf the way he is intended...as someone that watches to see if the kids are good and reports back to Santa.  Our elf is simply a cute little guy that does silly thing around the house and completely adds to the magic of the Christmas season.  My husband and I enjoy staying up and trying to think of creative things for Christopher to do.  However, I'm not gonna lie...3 years into it and its getting harder and harder to stay original and not do repeats.  

As I was trying to think up something fun I could do, I thought of editing some pictures on my FAVE site, PicMonkey.  The thing I loved most about this was it took me under 15 minutes and now I have these darling pictures of my kiddos.  I had Christopher sitting next to all the pictures with a sign that said "My best friends from the North Pole"

Avrie the Reindeer

Britton as Santa Claus

Cohen the Cute Cuddly Boy

Kendall the Snowgirl

Skylar the Elf

Too fun, am I right?!

Do you do Elf on the Shelf at your house?  If so...how do you find new ideas and PLEASE share them! ;)

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Jennifer @ Delightfully Noted

That's a really cute idea. I can't wait to do the Elf on the shelf someday but then you made me realize "Oh my gosh I have to carry on these elf shenanigans for years to come!" LOL

Michelle Paige

No Elf on the shelf at our house. Kids are too old, and I'm too lazy. I don't know how people can be so creative night after night! I DO love PicMonkey! Your pictures are so cute!