Nephi's Broken Bow FHE

Hello, hello!!

I am finally feeling better and have decided I do, in fact, want to live! ;)  You know when you get so sick that you aren't quite sure about that?  That was me last week.  However, I am feeling a million times better and we were able to have a really fun FHE last night that the kids loved!

If you are following along with us in our Book of Mormon study, we were on week 5 yesterday, which focused on Lehi's family as they traveled in the wilderness.  A few big things happened that we talked about, like going back to Jerusalem to get Ishmael and his family, receiving the Liahona, and Nephi's broken bow.  I decided to focus on the broken bow, but if you are looking, we did a really fun FHE on the Liahona last year that you can find HERE :)

To get started we read this great scripture that was our focus or the lesson:

Then we read from the Book of Mormon Stories and talked about how when hard things happened Lehi's family, you could see the different ways they reacted.  Laman and Lemuel (and even Lehi!) murmured when Nephi's bow was broken, and they became angry with Heavenly Father.  However, Nephi chose to trust Heavenly Father, and used these experiences to strengthen his faith and always try to find out his Father's will.

After we read from the Book of Mormon and talked about the different stories I pulled out these SUPER fun mini bows and arrows I had made for the kids earlier in the day.

Seriously, these were SO much fun!  My kids loved them and they didn't take long at all to make.  I found the tutorial HERE and they were a total hit!!  All you need are some popsicle sticks, floss, and q-tips for your arrows.

After we practiced shooting our arrows for a little bit the kids got to try and shoot one of these colored pieces of paper.  On the back of each paper was a question that the kids got to try and answer if they hit it with their arrow.  It was a really fun way to get them excited about the questions and too see if they actually learned anything ;)

Here are the questions I wrote up if you want to do something similar:
How long did Lehi's family travel in the wilderness? (8 years)
Who died while they were traveling in the wilderness? (Ishmael)
What did Nephi make his new bow out of? (Wood)
After Nephi made a new bow, who did he ask where he should go to hunt? (His father, Lehi)
What did Lehi find outside his tent? (the liahona)
When did the liahona work? (when Lehi's family was righteous)
One of my favorite moments of the night?  When I looked over to see what Avrie was doing and this was what I found...

Just reading Book of Mormon Stories! ;)

This lesson gave my husband and I a great opportunity to bear testimony to our children of trusting Heavenly Father, and putting His will above our own...even when hard and scary things happen in our lives. 

Thank you SO much for stopping by today...and have a fantastic week!!



This is fantastic. My kids are small, but I'm going to save these ideas for when they area little bigger.

Joey Tracy

My kids would like to do this. Have you seen the bow & arrows made with a straw and q-tips? Thanks for your idea!


Thank you for taking the time to post all these wonderful ideas! There is no question, You have a talent!