Class of 2023!!

Isn't that wild?! The principal introduced all the graduates that way..."The Class of 2023!!" Of course, I started crying and Paul started making fun of me :) Today Skylar graduated from Kindergarten. I am SO proud of my big girl. She is a wonderful reader, constantly surprising me with the things she knows. She is a budding artist and is very sad that school is out for the summer. I wonder how many more years that will last :)

Here is Paul with the graduate herself :)

Skylar and I...isn't that big gap where she lost her front tooth the cutest???

Skylar LOVED her teacher, Miss Glover. We moved in the middle of the year and Miss Glover really went out of her way to make sure Skylar felt welcome and involved. I am so grateful for good teachers!

My mom taught me that you should celebrate ALL the good moments in life, big or small. I try to do that with my kids, and what would a celebration be at the Johnson house without a good themed treat?? :) Here is my rendition of the cap treats...usually I saw them online as toppers on cupcakes...but I figured these alone would provide quite enough sugar for my kids :) It is simply Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on the bottome, Ghiradelli chocolate squares on the top, with frosting and chocolate chips to finish it off.

We love you and are so proud of you Skylar!! Happy Graduation!!


Hollie Hanson

Awww! Congrats Skylee!!! She is so stinkin CUTE!
I can't believe our babies are done with kindergarten!
I am totally bummed Cherry doesn't get a graduation!
You are so stinkin creative. Love the treats!!


SO stinking cute! Congrats to Skylar!