Make your own sponge balls!

I've seen a cute idea floating around the blogosphere and thought I would try it out today! I looked and looked, but for the life of me could NOT find the original post I saw these on, so if you know please leave a comment so I can give proper credit :)

Who doesn't love water balloon fights??! I'll tell you who....ME! Because I am the one stuck blowing up a million water balloons, attempting to tie the dumb things, and then in 10 minutes they are all gone and the kids are crying because they want to keep playing!

Introducing.....SPONGE BALLS!! (I'm sure there is a better name for them, but I can't think of one!:)

All you need are a few packs of sponges, scissors and ribbon or floss.

Once you have your sponges take 3 of them and cut them each into 4 pieces like so.

Once you have them all cut, stack them back together with the floss/ribbon underneath. Then you simply tie the ribbon in the tightest knot you can and it creates a pompom effect with the sponges.

This is what your finished product will look like...aren't they cute?!

We are filling up the pool after the kids wake up from naps and I know they are going to have a blast throwing these at each other again and again and again!!

Hope this sparked a fun idea for you and your kids this summer, this is a cheap, easy, fun way to entertain you and your kids for hours on end! Happy Water Fighting!! Thanks so much for stopping by :)


Lyndee W.

Omigosh! So adorable! Love how they look and that's soooo much easier than the water balloons! Now, if I could only make some that look like grenades for my son!


what a great idea!!! i love them:) the colors are cute:)
thank you so much for linkin!!!