Good luck all you crazy runners!!

This weekend there is a big, crazy relay race taking place in the great state of Utah. I know a bunch of gals that are going to be running and wanted to do a little something for them to wish them luck and let them know I was thinking of them. I am super impressed by these women, running is HARD and I admire their dedication and motivation :)

To start off, I hit up my favorite dollar store and picked up a bunch of water bottles.

Next I grabbed a bunch of (relatively) healthy snacks. I have to be honest here, I have no idea what runners eat during a race, but these looked okay to me :) I have an instant breakfast drink, fruit leather, granola bar, and a small CLIF bar. I just placed all these in the water bottle, they fit perfectly!

Finally I cut some vinyl to personalize the water bottles and a little decoration. Do you think there is a Silhoutte obsession here....

And here is the finished product, a little gift to let all the runners in your life know how amazing you think they are!!

Good luck to all you Ragnar runners this weekend...be safe and have a blast!!


Slipcovers by Shelley

LUCKY MILLIE. Does that mean she won't be drinking out of half empty random water bottles stashed all over the van?

Hollie Hanson

You are so sweet! I have a fellow sis in law running the race. So fun! Maybe you and I should aim for next years! :)
Ok, all your crafting is making me craft hungry. but all my stuff is in boxes!!! :(


That's so sweet! I couldn't run it this year since I just had a baby but I'm on a team for next year. Wish I knew you so you'd make me one of those CUTE water bottles! :)