School's Out Activity Jar

Can you believe summer is already here?? I can't, especially with the weather we are having here ;) It is supposed to be in the 70's today so maybe that will help :) With this being the last week of school I decided to throw a little something together that will hopefully help from me hearing the words "I'm bored!!" all summer long!

I give you...the School's Out jar!!

I just got a Silhoutte cutting machine and man....I am in love!!! Oh, the possiblities are endless with this baby! For this jar I simply cut the wording, some big ric rac, and that cute little birdie...all in colors that match my kitchen. I am kind of wierd about everything matching :) Then I just glued it all together and wrapped it around a big glass jar I have had laying around. Inside the jar is full of pieces of paper that all have different activities on them. I tried really hard to make all the activities include things we always have on hand or that we could do at the drop of a hat. I also included about 15 blank papers...when the kids pick those they will get to choose something on their own. Also, not every activity in there is pure fun :) About a third are chores to be done around the house. I am all for playing and having fun with my kids, but I also want them to realize that to live in a home as a family requires work, and not just by mom!!

Here is the jar in my kitchen...I love how it will not only provide fun activities for my kids, but adds some cute decor to the room too!! Here are just a few of the ideas I put in the jar...if you try this come back and tell me some of the activities you did too!! Happy Almost Summer!!

Play with Play-Doh
Put on a puppet show
Have a read-a-thon
Wipe down the windows
Pull weeds outside
Make our own hopscotch
Have a dance party
Do an obstacle course
Make our own Play-Doh
Wipe down all the bathrooms
Make a fort in the living room
Watch a movie with popcorn
Finger paint
Play twister
Make treats for neighbors
Clean out playroom
Have a tea party
And lots more....:)


Becky @ Babes in Hairland

Thanks for the fun idea - school is out for us starting tomorrow & this is just what we need! Found you through Sisters Stuff linky party!

Butters In The Kitchen

I love that idea! I hate hearing I'm bored all of the time too! Especially because that leads to I'm hungry...even though they eat nonstop! Thanks for a great idea to kick off the summer!

amy peca


friend passed this on to me

Kelli W

That is adorable! I love the big rick rack:)