I dare you not to smile

Father's Day is a busy time of year for us! We have so many wonderful dads and grandpas in our lives that we love to celebrate and the little gift we are making for my step-dad made me laugh out loud!

If the kids know anything about Grandpa Nasib, its that he has a big mustache, LOVES his morning coffee, and collects mugs.

We thought it would be cute to combine all these things for Grandpa....so what do you get when you put mustaches and mugs together??

Well....a customized photo mug with pictures of the kids and their mustaches, of course!! :)

These are the pictures I put on the mugs....they bring a huge smile to my face, and hopefully they will do the same for Grandpa Nasib!


Hollie Hanson

LOVE!!! SO cute. Especially Avrie :) Man she looks so much bigger now! I need to see her. ASAP